DeBaugh Farms premier breeder and exhibitor

July 13, 2006|by JOANNA CALIMER

The Washington County Holstein Association held its annual field day July 1 at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center south of Hagerstown. Judge for the event was Chip Savage.

Winners for the Fitting and Showing classes were: Junior: (1) Cory DeBaugh (2) Rachel Wiles, (3) Erin Corbett; Intermediate: (1) Tessa Wiles ,(2) Scott DeBaugh, (3) Kaitlyn Corbett; Senior: (1) Tracey Forsythe (2) Morgan Smith, (3) Eric Wiles; Overall Winner: Tracey Forsythe.

Class results were as follows, with 4-H noted in parentheses, ( ):

Spring Heifer Calf: 1.(1) MD Heavensent Charisma-Red, Tessa Wiles, 2.(2) Futuraland Zadoration Betty, Eric Wiles,. 3. (3) Leggetts Norman Kady, Leanna Young..

Winter Heifer Calf: 1.(1) Futuraland Exhibit Zambi, Ryan Wiles, 2.(2) Windsor-Manor Durham Karole, CoryDeBaugh, 3. (3) MD-Heavensent Rdmn Ella-Red, Macayla Wiles.


Fall Heifer Calf: 1.(1) Futuraland Durham Regan, Rachel Wiles, 2. (2) Futuraland MS Zamerica, Eric Wiles, 3. (3) Futuraland Dundee Moonshine, Ryan Wiles,

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1. DeBaugh Outside Carmel-ET, DeBaugh Farms, 2.(1) Futuraland Canyon Zwarte, Ryan Wiles 3. (2) Futuraland C2C SuperstarZ, Morgan Smith, (3) Leggetts Malichi Cassidy, Kaitlyn Corbett.

Spring Yearling Heifer: 1. (1) DeBaugh James Candy-ET, Carol DeBaugh, 2. (2) DeBaugh S Norman Majesty, Scott DeBaugh, 3. MD-MistyMedo Morty Molly-ET, Jennifer Malott, (3) MD-Heavensent Adolph Gail, Tessa Wiles.

Winter Yearling Heifer: 1. Futuraland BWM Zoudini, Rachel Wiles, 2. (1) DeBaugh Expecial Covergirl, Carol DeBaugh, 3. Leggetts Norman Retro, Spencer Leggett.

Jr. Champion-Open Class and 4-H: Futuraland Exhibit Zambi, Ryan Wiles.

Reserve Jr. Champion- Open Class and 4-H: Windsor-Manor Durham Carole, Cory DeBaugh

Junior Best Three Females: 1., 2. Futuraland, 3. DeBaugh Farms

Dry Cow: 1.(1) Leggetts Carnation Rose, Denton Leggett, 2.(2) Rocky-Haven Sosa Stephanie, Hannah Smith.

Cow, Jr. 2 years old: 1. (1) DeBaugh Champion Melon, Scott DeBaugh, 2. Windsor Manor Best Mistress, DeBaugh Farms, 3. (2) MD-Heavensent Linjet Milky, Macayla Wiles..

Cow, Sr. 2 years old: 1. Linden Hall Merchant Ulrika, Michael & Christine Forsythe, 2.(1) MD-Heavensent Rubens Kimie, Tessa Wiles, 3. DeBaugh Outside Cartoon-ET, DeBaugh Farms, (2) DeBaugh Leduc Gusty, Scott DeBaugh.

Cow, Jr. 3 years old: 1. MD-Mistymedo Metro Marissa, Jennifer Malott, 2. DeBaugh Leadership Crystal, DeBaugh Farms, 3. Valentia Durham Yado, Keitha & Earl Grove.

Cow, Sr. 3 years old: 1. Palmyra Magna Kay, Palmyra Farm, 2. (1) Linden Hall Foreman Uno, Tracey Forsythe.

Cow, 4 years old: 1. (1) Golden Circle Reck Star, Scott DeBaugh, 2. (2) Futuraland Eland Zulan-ET, Eric Wiles

Cow, 5 years old: 1. Linden Hall Hilton Melody, Benjamin Calimer, 2. Valentia Durham Lucia, Keitha & Earl Grove, 3. DeBaugh Aeroline Crackle, DeBaugh Farms (1) HSH Rubens Lady McBeth, Tessa Wiles, (2) Kul-Wave Leduc Janette-ET

Cow, 6 years old and over: 1. (1) Rocky-Haven Encore Ethel, Hannah Smith

Sr. Champion & Grand Champion - 4-H: MD-Heavensent Rubens Kimie, Tessa Wiles

Reserve Sr. Champion & Reserve Grand Champion- 4-H: DeBaugh Champion Melon, Scott DeBaugh

Sr. Champion & Grand Champion - Open Class: Linden Hall Merchant Ulrika, Michael and Christine Forsythe.

Reserve Sr. Champion and Reserve Grand Champion -Open Class: Palmyra Magna Kay, Palmyra Farm.

Overall Best Bred and Owned 4-H: MD-Heavensent Rubens Kimie, Tessa Wiles..

Overall Best Bred and Owned Open Class: Linden Hall Merchant Ulrika, Michael and Christine Forsythe

Best Three Females, Any Age: 1. Linden Hall Farm

Dam and Daughter: 1. Tracey Forsythe

Produce of Dam: 1. Hannah Smith

Premier Breeder: DeBaugh Farms

Premier Exhibitor: DeBaugh Farms

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