Bottled heat

She doesn't use it herself, but Pa. woman sells her own hot sauce

She doesn't use it herself, but Pa. woman sells her own hot sauce

July 12, 2006|by JULIE E. GREENE

LEMASTERS, Pa. - Diana Rotz's dad likes to put her hot sauce on his spaghetti, to give it a little zip.

Mike Coons likes to barbecue with her hot sauce and her sweet hot sauce.

And Diana? She doesn't eat hot stuff.

The creator of the recently bottled Dino's Revenge prefers to stay on the giving end of the hot sauce.

Despite the hot sauce's name - Dino is Diana Rotz - she says she isn't seeking revenge against anyone.

Her nickname came from her older sister, Lori, who started calling Diana Dino when they were children.

Rotz, 40, of Fort Loudon, Pa., created the hot sauce at home about six years ago for others, like her father.

She made the sauce for wings she served at a local restaurant where she used to work, and people often encouraged her to bottle it.


So Rotz worked with her mother, Anna, and local food industry experts such as Amber Lockawich of the Penn State Cooperative Extension to develop a business plan.

ICC Foods of Intercourse, Pa., is bottling the sauce, which went on the market May 1, the same time Diana Rotz took over ownership of J.D. Market.

J.D. Market is a grocery and deli on Lemar Road known for its hoagies, she said.

As for the hot sauce, she hopes to add a third flavor to the line - barbecue sauce - in the future. That one she will eat.

Rotz said she enjoyed her sweet hot sauce on miniature smoked sausages, but in general she can't tolerate the heat from hot sauces.

Since Rotz doesn't eat hot food, she's tapped her father, Joe Rotz as official taste tester.

She still makes the sauce at home, Joe Rotz says. He considers the homemade version to be a bit hotter.

The heat increases when the sauce is warmed in the microwave or on the stove, Diana and Joe Rotz said.

"Sometimes I just take some of it and put it on pretzels and dip pretzels," Joe Rotz said.

Diana Rotz said she's seen people put the hot sauce in soups, over fries, and on tacos and burgers.

Both sauces contain aged cayenne red peppers and jalapeo peppers and a mixture of spices Rotz won't divulge.

The hot sauce can clear the sinuses, said Joe Rotz and Coons.

Coons, who lives near Cowans Gap State Park, recently bought two bottles of the hot sauce and five or six of the sweet hot sauce for barbecuing.

"It's better than the ones I buy at the stores," he said.

A 5-ounce bottle of either sauce costs $4.99.

Dino's Revenge hot sauce and sweet hot sauce is available at J.D. Market, 4591 Lemar Road in Lemasters, Pa.; Jane's Market in Mercersburg, Pa.; Keystone Country Store in Fort Loudon, Pa.; Butcher Shoppe in Chambersburg, Pa.; Kline's Grocery in Shady Grove, Pa.; and Paul's Country Market in Waynesboro, Pa.; and Penn Avenue Meats north of Hagerstown.

The sauce also can be mail-ordered by calling J.D. Market at 1-717-328-4922.

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