Trespassing, graffiti concerns discussed

July 11, 2006|by MARLO BARNHART

CLEAR SPRING - Kenneth Faith attended the town meeting Monday night in response to a letter sent to him by the town about activities occurring on his property adjacent to the county park.

"I'm not in favor of it, but where do the kids go?" Faith said about the letter advising him that complaints are coming in about the noise and the dust created by four-wheelers being operated on the property.

Faith said he walks through his property and he noticed that the kids were at least picking up their trash and putting it in a barrel.

"It's posted for no trespassing," Faith said, aware of the liabilities he faces because it is his property. "How do you protect yourself?"


Don Yeakle, who lives nearby on South Hawbaker Circle, was also at the meeting to discuss graffiti and water problems at his garages.

After hearing Faith talk about posting his property, Yeakle handed him one of those signs - which ended up tossed on his property.

"These boys keep coming up. There is no supervision," Yeakle said. "Something should be done about it."

Town Clerk Juanita Grimm said she has talked to the Washington County Sheriff's Department about the situation but by the time they arrive in town, the kids have scattered.

"And I am getting calls about vandalism," said Mayor Paul Hose Jr., noting that a church on Cumberland Street has been hit several times.

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