You Said It

July 11, 2006

Editor's note - The Morning Herald doesn't endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"I wanted to send out a warning to people living in Hagerstown's suburbs. At 5 a.m. Friday I witnessed two men dressed in black and wearing black knit hats, driving a white jeep-style vehicle. They stopped on the side of my street and were walking into my neighbors' driveways looking into their car windows with flashlights. When they didn't find anything to steal, they jumped in their car and drove away. I think we need to remember to take anything valuable into our homes at night (especially ladies' purses in your parked cars) and make sure we lock everything. I called in a police report but we should all take precautions ourselves until they can be caught." - Hagerstown


"I would just like to say that the fireworks at the Potomac Fish & Game Club this year were great. We have lived in the area for 11 years and have never been to them. We were invited by our son in-law and lovely wife, who are members, and we all had a great time." - Fairplay

"Please, would someone spread the word that the right lane on the interstate is for people who wish to do the speed limit or less and the left lane Is for faster moving traffic, and please park your car if you can't talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time. All our lives depend on it." - Fairplay

"I hope you all read in the paper what the latest man running for County Commissioner said ... 'the county must use rising tax revenues from assessment hikes to fund the schools' operating needs with increases exceeding 1 to 3 percent a year.' There goes our property taxes up again. As an ex-school teacher and principal he will give the school board all the money he can, and we know you can never give the school board enough." - Lappans

"A recent caller said only intelligent people read the newspaper, so those who call in to (You Said It) are the smartest people. Now I'm calling in - but all my friends say I'm dumb as dirt." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I ran the 5K run out in Williamsport on the Fourth of July, and it was good to see Terry Baker was there to help with the race. It's good to see he's a runner who supports Washington County road race events. Vote for him for county commissioner." - Sharpsburg

"I'd like to thank the County Commissioners for my $150 check. Now I can say my taxes only went up $700 instead of $850. Oh, well, at least it came in time for me to give it back to you in the form of paying for our landfill permit. Thank you for nothing." - Clear Spring

"I see in Mail Call about the Boonsboro dollar store. We need a dollar store real bad. To those people that don't need a dollar store, that's fine, they can go elsewhere if they have money to spend, but a person with a family can go there and buy three cans of whatever for a dollar, and they can buy snacks for the children to take to school for their lunches, and a lot of things there. We do need a dollar store in Boonsboro. We either have to go take a trip to Martinsburg or to Hagerstown, or to Frederick. There's a lot of nice things in the dollar store you can buy, even housecleaning things and a lot of things. I just wish that they would just not say we don't need a dollar store in Boonsboro, because that upsets everyone." - Boonsboro

"I was out by the Weis this morning, and there was almost another accident there. They come so close it just scares me so bad. I'm hoping that they would put a light up there on Alternate U.S. 40 and Md. 68 where you come out of Md. 68, but if you say something to one person, to the town, they say it's not them to put it there. I'm hoping someone would decide who it is to put the light up there, and I hope it soon gets put up, because if not, it's gonna be a big accident there. It's time to do something about this." - Boonsboro

"Would somebody in the city please put an article in the paper about trash collection after a holiday? Tuesday was the Fourth, so we assumed we'd put our trash out on Wednesday night as scheduled. Nope, not so. I just got home, and trash is still sitting there late Thursday afternoon. North End looks like a pig sty. Please be more specific about the trash collection after a holiday." - Hagerstown

"Look out, Washington County, if this isn't already happening to you, it probably will soon. At the end of a lane off my road, they're building a development of the usual huge, pretentious, and no doubt expensive McMansions. Right beside this, two well-maintained, apparently structurally sound but (aha) small older homes were torn down - without, incidentally, a 'for sale' sign ever going up in front of either of them. There's an example of developers' ideas of how to solve the affordable housing crisis - tear down homes." - Frederick

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