Letters to the editor

July 05, 2006

Development could damage wetlands

To the editor:

Without any prior input or notice to the citizens and taxpayers of Washington Township in Franklin County, Pa., the Washington Township Planning Committee passed a proposed housing development of 18 single-family homes on 6.3 acres of land to be known as Blue Oak Development Project.

This development will be placed behind the existing homes of 1300 to 1290 block of Pennersville Road and Happel's Meadows, adjacent to the wetlands on Buchanan Trail.

Questions should be answered by this committee. Why were we not advised of this plan? Why did you approve this without any media reports or public knowledge until after you passed it? Why did you approve this before the United States Army Corps of Engineers' report was given out?


Why would you accept this report when soil samples and wetland mapping were completed during a drought?

Are you going to ignore the statement from the Army Corps of Engineers that states, "It should be noted that this will likely produce a regulatory nightmare in terms of compliance. The current layout has wetlands bordering several lots on more than one side and it is likely that the subsequent impacts and potential enforcement difficulties will arise from this development, particularly from individual lot owners." Did you not see in this report that "This document does not report or discuss any wetland impacts."

I would encourage all to call your state and local representatives from Franklin County, Pa., throughout Maryland to the Chesapeake Bay. Ask them why our tax dollars are being wasted to preserve our waterways when a housing developer company can buy up the land and adversely affect the environment and waterways?

Maryland residents are paying a flush tax to clean up the Chesapeake Bay! If you care about your environment, waterways, wetlands and all that habitat there, come to the Washington Township meetings at 7 p.m. on July 5, July 10, and July 12.

This area is known as the swamp land that feeds Happel's Meadows wetlands and acts as a basin for water run off from both sides of Pennersville Road.

The tributary off these wetlands at Happel's Meadow flows directly into Red Run Creek, Antietam Creek, (interstate waters) to the Potomac River that feeds Chesapeake Bay.

This massive construction/destruction of ground excavating for placement of a road, bridge (over wetlands), water/sewer pipes and electric lines will compromise the environment and wildlife that live there - let alone 18 foundations/concrete slabs and homes, vehicles and people who will be housed there.

Elaine Gladhill

Waynesboro, Pa.

Pregnancy picture isn't adding up

To the editor:

I keep reading that the U.S. has the highest number of teen pregnancies, the highest number of abortions, the highest number of prison inmates and is the most religious country in the industrialized world. Why?

I also keep reading that the powers that be are trying to cut funding for contraceptives for poor women and yet doesn't Medicaid (and Medicare) cover Viagra, Cialis, etc.?

We all agree that abstinence is best, but look at the Bible; men could have as many wives and concubines as they wanted and history abounds with children out of wedlock.

Double Dutch in Holland means the man uses a condom and the woman takes the pill and they seem to have the lowest teen pregnancy and abortion rates in the world. Dual contraception for those who choose not to abstain seldom fails.

Isn't the chief cause of poverty in this country this ridiculous teen pregnancy?

How many kids are on welfare? There are more than 500,000 kids in foster care. Why were they conceived if nobody wants them? The taxpayer is paying for them. Where are the family values folks when it comes to looking after these kids? I could not afford to let myself get pregnant because my salary was helping for other unplanned kids.

Why don't young people realize that every baby is a 20-year sentence - at least - of hard labor? Why don't they realize that they are probably condemning themselves to a life of poverty if they make babies before having job training?

Ruth M. Davis

Waynesboro, Pa.

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