Drive-by on the scene

July 04, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

JEFFERSON, Md. - The Frederick-based band A Drive-by Runaway gets the most love when it plays Hagerstown.

"We've gotten some of our best responses in Hagerstown," said guitarist Matt Rice. "They really get into the scene up there."

The five-man band plays in the Tri-State region and around Frederick, where Matt - the band's unofficial frontman - said the scene is "apathetic." One of the band's songs, "The Frederick Scene vs. Sincerity," details the disappointment with Frederick's music scene.

Complaints aside, Runaway's sound is consistent with the punk, metal and hard-core threads common within Hagerstown's garage-band scene. Samples of the group's music are available at


Runaway is gearing up for a three-week tour along the East Coast. The band plans to make the road trip with A Fallen Lie, another band based in Frederick. They'll be playing shows as far away as Connecticut, band members said.

"We're bringing tents in case we have to camp out," said lead singer and keyboardist Brian Johnson.

If the band isn't able to find anywhere to stay overnight, "We'll be sleeping in the van in a Wal-Mart parking lot," Matt said.

About the band

Bass: Steven Curran, 17, of Frederick, Md.

Keyboard/synthesizer, vocals: Brian Johnson, 19, of Frederick

Guitar:Jeremy Caroglanian, 16, of Frederick

Drums: Marcus Collins, 17, of Jefferson, Md.

Guitar: Matt Rice, 18, of Walkersvile, Md.

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