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Where were you when the rain fell?

July 04, 2006

Rain drenched the Mid-Atlantic Coast from Sunday, June 25,through the morning of Wednesday, June28. Homes and businesses flooded, creeks and rivers surged over their banks, and power was knocked out. Washington County weather observer Greg Keefer reported that 8.62 inches of rain fell during the four days. On Wednesday, members of the teen writing teamfor Pulse met and wrote about their experiences during the severe weather.

Hannah Tussing, 13

It was on a rainy Sunday afternoon that I discovered our basement was leaking. I had planned on resting and reading, but instead I mopped up water. The rain kept on pouring and the basement kept leaking. Finally, my dad told me to go up on our balcony and check the gutters. They were filled with pine needles and other things so nasty I won't describe them. After cleaning the gutters, the basement finally stopped leaking. I have never been more tired in my life.


Rebecca Hull, 13

I was outside in the rain walking my dog Shelly when a car came speeding up my street. I had an umbrella in one hand and a retractable leash in the other. Shelly is a herding dog. She ran toward the car. It was hard to shorten the leash. She almost got hit by the car but didn't. She did scare me to death.

Nabela Enam, 15

A summer vaca-tion filled with lightning and thunder was not what I had in mind when I returned from a trip to New York. My sister and I made plans to go places in the Hagerstown area, only to stay at home and watch the sprinkle of rain turn into a downpour. Renting a movie from Blockbuster was a challenge because the line was prolonged when the power went out.

Brianna Dorsey, 13

I was at a basketball camp. The day started off as usual, hot and sticky. We did drills all day. All of us were tired and extremely hot. Then rain began to fall. The sound of rain was relief in our ears. We all dropped what we were doing and rushed outside. The rain felt great. We played in the rain for a while, then it ended. We were sad to see it go. But we had to get back to playing basketball.

Nick Ritchick, 13

The torrential downpour over the past week has washed away my boredom. I went outside during the rain and entertained myself. I usually don't go out when it's sunny - I get sunburned or just hot. But I went out when it rained and I enjoyed it.

Jim Klick, 12

I hate rain. I went camping, but I did not have as much fun as I thought I would. All it did was rain, rain, rain. I could barely sleep. It ruined my weekend.

Elina Mir, 12

The rain completely ruined my day. It cancelled my first day of tennis camp and it flooded the building where I learn Arabic. I talked to my friend that day and she said she went swimming two hours after it rained and the 3-foot-deep end of the pool was up to her chest. The rain delayed the coming of a package which I was waiting for. It basically ruined my day.

Robert Keller, 13

When the heavy rain came, we were stuck in the house. We kept looking out the window, waiting for the rain to stop. It rained harder and our driveway looked like a river.

Ryan Willard, 16

I hate this kind of rain. It isn't even the kind, gentle rains that sweep through Maryland in the spring. I couldn't play in it. I couldn't look at it. I couldn't stand it. The worst part is that it kept coming. So much, in fact, that it exploded into our basement and cracked open our septic tank. My dad joked and laughed at the fact that I was repulsed at cleaning out the basement. But there is something about human waste that doesn't meet my fancy.

Shannon Mumaw, 12

The rainstorm didn't really affect me much. Some water did enter our basement. My dad soon got that fixed. Then I was stuck in the house with nothing to do.

Nick Mohar-Schurz, 16

Streets became rivers, cars were boats, and it was my first day with a driver's license. As my wipers failed their mission, I decided that maybe I could have waited a few days for this independence. I couldn't even see the front of my car, let alone speed like most excited first-time drivers. It was my first day driving, and as most people zoomed around, apparently unaffected by the apocalypse, it began to look like my last day, as well.

Fedora Copley, 14

Coming back from a sushi joint in Kensington, Md., on Monday night, my aunt and uncle and I came upon about a foot and a half of water in the road. The two cars in front of us braved the minipond and came out alive, so we followed and were unscathed. Passing through the water was exciting in a strange way, like when you feel something dangerous is around you. My uncle said that if the water had been 2 inches deeper, he wouldn't have driven through it for fear of the car floating.

Adeline Cumpata, 14

Our home already has a pool, but Mother Nature decided we needed another one. Or two. Almost half an acre of our yard was inundated and a foot of water flooded our basement. My family spent three days cleaning and fixing the problem that the torrential rain brought. With so much water came so much humidity. The alarm system in our house went haywire, and for about 20 minutes, the alarm's monotonous beeping would not stop. Eventually, it did. I finished cleaning the basement with my parents at 3 p.m. Wednesday. I hope never to go through this ordeal again.

Lindsay Foust, 17

This past weekend, the rain poured all weekend. I was bored. I had nothing to do except go to work. I was stuck in a box all day - I work at the box office at a movie theater and it was very busy. Everyone came to the movies because they had nothing better to do. Why in the world would you want to drive your car in the rain if you don't have to? If it was up to me, I would have stayed home.

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