Letters to the editor

June 27, 2006

School system was a great help with TB screenings

To the editor:

Recently the Washington County Health Department has been involved in an investigation of an active case of tuberculosis in an individual at South Hagers-town High School.

When we first realized that health department staff members would need to interview and test students and staff at South High, we immediately contacted the administrative offices of the Washington County Public Schools to inform them of the investigation and to seek their assistance.

Their response could not have been more helpful and professional. Not only did they provide facilities at the school where we could administer TB skin tests and read them, they were instrumental in the notification of students and staff.


Collaboration with the school system allowed the investigation to be tailored to the target audience, providing a thorough and comprehensive evaluation.

The school system helped identify which persons needed to be tested and printed and addressed the mailed information the same day, within hours of our request for help.

The willingness of everyone involved with the Washington County Public Schools to remain flexible, accommodating and helpful during one of the busiest times of their year speaks volumes about their commitment to the children in their care and to the community at large.

On behalf of the health department staff members who have been working on this investigation, I'd like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, Principal Akers, Carol Mowen and all of their colleagues for their invaluable help.

Roderick A. MacRae

Public Information Officer

Washington County Health Department

Time to end the war

To the editor:

This war has gone on long enough. I think we're beyond even the closest possibility of winning. If the Iraqis want to kill themselves, so be it.

But we are exacerbating the situation and killing our children. Enough is enough.

Joshua Wiles


Who do we look like, Frederick?

To the editor:

The Hagerstown City Council is now talking of raising Hagerstown City residents' taxes even higher to pay for huge wage increases for city employees.

When are city residents going to see increased services with our taxes? I can't recall the last time my company gave a raise as large as the one proposed for city employees, not to mention the peanuts they pay for insurance.

I have very little sympathy when they complain. Not to mention the fact that my husband and I have to travel 100 miles a day (each) to Montgomery County to be able to afford the ridiculous taxes we pay right now. How far do the majority of city employees drive?

And all of this is on top of increases in water/sewer rates and trash collection. Where does the council think they are, Gaithersburg? Frederick? Do they really think the cost-of-living here is on par with those cities?

The council's reasoning for these tax and fee increases is laughable Have they ever heard of spending within your means? I hope all city voters remember who the money-grubbers on our council are come election time.

Christy Craver


Courthouse manners not the greatest

To the editor:

This is in response to Patricia Barnhart's letter on Tuesday, June 20, regarding the rude man at the courthouse entrance.

I know exactly what she experienced. I went to the courthouse a while back merely to pay a traffic ticket for someone else.

I was bullied and abused worse than if I had been a criminal by a man at the detector.

The man needs to go - the sooner, the better.

D. Miller


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