Reunited: 50 years of musicians get together w/cutline

June 26, 2006|by JENNIFER FITCH

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Rain drumming on the roof and windows of Greencastle-Antrim High School on Sunday afternoon was met by another tap, tap, tap emanating from the auditorium as more than 80 people took part in an alumni band concert that marked 50 years of instrumental music in the district.

The concert of marches, patriotic selections and oldies medleys drew participants of all ages from as far as California and Florida.

"She was one of those who had to hunt her flute," said Marquita Storms, who attended the concert to hear her daughter, Kristen Storms, play. Kristen Storms, a 1976 graduate of Greencastle-Antrim High School, traveled from Florida with her husband, Jeff Tanner, to visit family, participate in the concert and reunite with other musicians.

She rehearsed 12 hours during the past week before joining the group for the sole rehearsal Saturday.

"I had problems with the 'Phantom of the Opera' medley," she admitted.


That medley proved to be both the most difficult and the favorite selection for a number of the instrumentalists, including 2006 graduate Elizabeth Wine and 2002 graduate Rachel Myers.

"I think the 'Phantom' was the hardest because it had the most key changes," said Myers, who recently graduated from Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., with a degree in music education.

Wine said she recognized a number of the musicians because the community is small and hosts Old Home Week every three years, where she has played with alumni.

Karen Neff, a 1976 graduate and music teacher in Bellefonte, Pa., said she was surprised how many people she recognized at the concert.

In addition to seeing friends, several of the instrumentalists were seated near family members.

That was the case for Ken Shockey, Class of 1965; his daughters, Nikki Shockey, '88, and Jodi Plum, '90; and son-in-law, Eric Plum, elementary and middle school bands director. All told, they play the piano, clarinet, bassoon, flute, trombone and organ.

"It was always built into our family. Our dad would sit around and teach us songs," Nikki Shockey said.

Now, 10-month-old Owen Plum enjoys pounding on a keyboard.

"Pounding is where it's at," Jodi Plum said.

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