Something original

June 20, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

The three-man band For the Taking could be described as a metal-and-hardcore hybrid with a smattering of punk.

Or, say band members after a bit of hesitation, maybe they're "melodic hardcore," adding that figuring out where their music best fits has been the source of argument among the members for years.

Perhaps it's easier to look at what they aren't.

For starters, For the Taking does not curse or use explicit language. Take the following lyric from their song "Green and Brown" - about guitarist Jason Kantoski's girlfriend - as an example.

"Green and Brown, you have the most beautiful eyes ... Without you I don't think I could stay alive," Kantoski sings.


Secondly, For the Taking does not perform covers of other bands' music. They've got about 11 original songs in their arsenal for shows mostly in Baltimore and Frederick venues, says drummer Jeff Sears. Occasionally, the band will play in Hagerstown and West Virginia.

Finally, For the Taking members will tell you that they aren't big time. But that's not to say they don't hope to be one day.

"It's our dream," Kantoski says, of being able to quit his day job as a restaurant cook and pursue music full time.


Vocals, guitar: Jason Kantoski, 23, of Frederick

Back-up vocals, bass: Paul Rapalus, 25, of Frederick

Drums: Jeff Sears, 27, of Frederick

Genre: Melodic hardcore (or something like that)

Web: Check Web site for upcoming shows,

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