Marriage licenses

June 16, 2006

Jamel Kessler Smith, 28, and Dorothea Anita Russ, 27, both of Hagerstown

Marian Miclescu, 21, and Victoria Sardaru, 17, both of Forrestville, Md.

Christopher John Peiffer, 24, of Smithsburg, and Jennifer Naomi Chilcoat, 22, of Hagerstown

Zachary Lee Manspeaker, 26, and Brandy Nicole Scott, 25, both of Hagerstown

Jacob Worden Mason, 22, and Ashley Marie Fogle, 21, both of Boonsboro

Jacob Levi Houser, 21, of Sharpsburg, and Cari Anne Siler, 20, of Williamsport

Harvey Samuel Benedict IV, 33, and Jodi Ann Davis, 29, both of Hagerstown

Dale Evans Rowland, 47, and Melanie Susan Monkusky, 49, both of Boonsboro

Allistair Ennever Chambers, 32, and Donette Sharon Mundell, 34, both of Hagerstown

Christopher Dontaye Harrell, 24, and Savon Lanita Butler, 37, both of Baltimore


Kane Ian Staley, 26, and Sarah Lynn Wollard, 26, both of Baltimore

Joseph Paul Trent, 38, and Christine Ren Lucas. 41, both of Fayetteville, Pa.

Marcus Angelo Davis, 38, and Juanese Tenoah Johnson Nelson, 35, both of Hagerstown

Thomas Edward Whittington III, 24, and Kristy Lynn Smoot, 26, both of Hagerstown

Ralf Richard Berger, 51, and Sandra Gail Maddox, 52, both of Clear Spring

David Bradley Carbaugh, 27, and Andrea Lynne Weller, 23, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Adam Lawson McGonejal, 22, and Sarah Lynn Dunnam, 21, both of Hagerstown

Kevin Paul Delauter, 29, and Kathryn Dawn Oxendine, 27, both of Hagerstown

Allen Russell Everetts, 47, and Sherry Leann Weltz, 45, both of Greencastle, Pa.

William Edward Burns Sr., 75, of Frederick, Md., and Shirley Elizabeth Layton, 66, of Boonsboro

Christopher Allen Turner, 25, of Mount Alto, Pa., and Rosanna Marie Eckstine, 29, of Hagerstown

Greg Mathew Sherrock, 33, and Jennie Ann Nalbone, 32, both of Virginia Beach, Va.

Stephen Christopher Frederickson, 19, of Hagerstown, and Christina Kay Norton, 19, of Waynesboro, Pa.

James Ellsworth Rosenberry II, 29, of Big Pool, and Jessica Lynn Weaver, 27, of Clear Spring

Ronald Edward White, 57, of Sharpsburg, and Denise Miller Schumacher, 55, of Baltimore

Brandon Michael Evans, 26, and Natalie Clifton Cosden, 19, both of Hagerstown

Matthew Edward Weegar, 31, and Michelle Lyn Kowalski, 30, both of Hagerstown

Ray Samuel Burger Jr., 48, of Williamsport, and Cheri Jean Grimm, 47, of Fairplay

Raymond Dowin Singletary, 26, and Michele Marie Showe, 48, both of Hagerstown

Darrell James Vann, 35, and Mary Ann Aleshire, 31, both of Thurmont, Md.

Rusty Lynn Vanorsdale, 28, and Barbara Nicole Jay, 27, both of Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

David Charles Sweeney, 20, and Tracy Lynn Davis, 20, both of Fannettsburg, Pa.

James Paul Plummer, 53, and Sandra Jean Holt, 56, both of Hagerstown

Brandon James Tarner, 26, and Chantelle Lynn Pike, 26, both of Hagerstown

Brandon James Greene Sr., 28, of Knoxville, and Dawn Marie Francis, 33, of Westminister, Md.

James Edward Meek Jr., 45, and Amy Beth Monn, 33, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Kevin Tim Baumann, 48, and Karen Lea Atkinson, 45, both of Hagerstown

Paul Michael Stream, 27, and Amanda Rebecca Leach, 24, both of Hagerstown

Eric Christian Kagle, 54, and Barbara Jean Mikolajski, 44, both of Hagerstown

Scott Lowell McMullen, 30, and Sharon Amanda Brogunier, 34, both of Hagerstown

Charles Anthony Burnett, 42, and Taj Nicole Smith, 28, both of Hagerstown

John Phillip Boyd II, 20, and Denise Renee Forsythe, 22, both of Hagerstown

David Scott Halterman, 31, and Laura Michelle Seekford, 34, both of Hagerstown

Arthur Glay, 29, and Kristy Lyn Russ, 26, both of Hagerstown

Aaron Roy Semler, 23, and Jamie Lynn Connor, 25, both of Hagerstown

Marvin Ray Burker, 48, and Anita Michele Phillips, 47, both of Frederick, Md.

Gayle Patrick Younker Jr., 25, and Michele Lynn Borutta, 30, both of Hagerstown

James David Lobley Jr., 26, of Hagerstown, and Tina Louise Smith, 28, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Douglas Shawn Dangerfield, 28, and Whitney Lea Miller, 22, both of Williamsport

Todd Ashley Walls, 30, and Michelle Lee Kearney, 36, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Chad Evan Jones, 24, and Jennifer Marie Swan, 20, both of Hagerstown

Rusty Lee Lynn, 22, of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., and Erica Lynn Cavey, 21, of Fairfield, Pa.

Jermery Scott Gay, 34, and Alicia Lynn Wyatt, 30, both of Sharpsburg

Eric Wayne Hammond Jr., 21, and Natalie Marie Sarver, 20, both of Hagerstown

James Young Ochan, 35, and Susana Maluma Khamis, 33, both of Hagerstown

Jeffrey Louis Croft, 51, of Smithsburg, and Alice Ruth Leishear, 59, of Bel Air, Md.

Thomas Leo Walker III, 23, and Christina Anne Arnold, 21, both of Hagerstown

Richard Grayson Caudo, 29, and Kimberly Marie Hughes, 32, both of Hagerstown

Maurice Gilmore Adams, 45, and Martha Marie Williams, 45, both of Hagerstown

Curtis Wayne Neikirk, 32, and Rebecca Marie Myers, 36, both of Williamsport

Timothy James Metz, 44, and Connie Rose Fox, 35, both of Hagerstown

Richard David Boppe, 65, and Ruth Ella Hutzell, 62, both of Williamsport

Gordon Leroy Shafer III, 21, and Misty Marie Marker, 19, both of Hagerstown

Adam Wayne Churchey, 25, and Alania Nicole Barkefelt, 23, both of Hagerstown

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