Text of memo written by Berkeley Co. Commissioner

June 15, 2006

Memorandum from Ronald Collins, County Commissioner, to all planning department staff

Date: July 22, 2005

Re: Staff meeting of July 22, 2005

Those in attendance include: Matthew Mullenax, Stefanie Allemong, Jamie Rogers, Rick Hoffman, Brian Schoppert, Mindy Heavner, and Ron Collins

Items addressed at the department meeting are as follows:

All staff will be helpful and friendly, at all times, to everyone coming into the department for any reason.

As of September 1, 2005, the Planning Department will be scanning any and all incoming and outgoing correspondence, plats, letters, permits, etc. Scanning back files will be implemented shortly thereafter.

The Personnel Committee will soon begin interviewing for a front office employee. This person's duties will include scanning until Courtney leaves for maternity. This person will then take over Courtney's duties.


All staff will follow all office policies and procedures.

NPDES approval cannot be received until Preliminary Plat approval has been granted by the Planning Commission. This will be the only permit/approval that a project will not have before any meetings.

There will be no "sliding" of any permits/approvals for any project. All projects will have all permits/approvals (except NPDES) and all will follow the proper process. No one "slides" except with Ron's approval. Everything will be done by the book.

Office policy and procedure includes date stamping immediately any and all correspondence, plats, letters, permits, etc., that comes into the Planning Department. Once date stamped, it must be logged in and given to the proper person immediately. This is extremely important and must be done!

Beginning July 22, 2005, all faxes will be date stamped and logged in. Once logged in, they will be given to the proper person immediately.

Office policy and procedure will be followed. Since most procedures are known to the developers, engineers, and public, it is imperative that we take the proper steps and initiative to do our jobs fully and with efficiency.

Ronald Collins

Berkeley County Commission

cc: Ronald Collins

Harry Carter

Rick Hoffman

Matthew Mullenax

Stefanie Allemong

Jamie Rogers

Brian Schoppert

Courtney Fisher

Mindy Heavner

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