Adult leader shows merit with Cub Scouts

June 14, 2006|by JANET HEIM

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Wendy Dahlgreen

Age: 45

Occupation: Environmental specialist with Crown Petroleum in Baltimore

Hometown: Eastern Baltimore County

Where would you see Dahlgreen? Dahlgreen is celebrating 10 years since she registered as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America. This year also marks the year she was recognized by the Washington County District of the Mason-Dixon Council with the District Award of Merit, the highest award the district is able to give a volunteer.

Dahlgreen said the award took her by surprise.

"When you know the people and all they do - I didn't do that much to have gotten that. It's just like a real surprise," said Dahlgreen, who added that now she feels the pressure of living up to the expectation of deserving the award.


With Cub Scout Day Camp looming, Dahlgreen is glad she decided to take the summer off from her job. As Mason-Dixon Council day camp volunteer administrator, Dahlgreen works closely with the camp directors to organize the four day camps of the council in Hancock, Williamsport, Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., and Greencastle, Pa.

Since her family moved to Boonsboro in 2002, she has been active as Webelos den leader for Pack 20 and Cubmaster for Pack 20. During the summer, she was a Cub Scout Day Camp Cub leader for a year, then director for two years at the Williamsport Cub Scout Day Camp at Byron Memorial Park.

She also is Mason-Dixon Council Cub Camping Promotions chairperson, and for three years, assisted with district training of volunteers and den and troop leaders. She also is on the troop committee for Troop 20 in Boonsboro, where her two sons are Scouts.

Her husband, Marty, is Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop, and sons Andy, 17, and Tyler, 11, are an Eagle Scout and Star Scout, respectively.

Prior to moving here, Dahlgreen was a committee chair for four years with her sons' Cub Scout Pack in Glen Burnie, Md., a troop committee member, and Tiger Scout and Wolf leader. She admits she is drawn to Cub Scouts because she likes working with younger children.

"There's a lot of personality rolled up in someone too young to have attitude," Dahlgreen said.

Dahlgreen was born in Baltimore and graduated from Lansdowne Senior High School in 1978. She said even though her father had the same job for more than 30 years, her parents moved "like they were gypsies."

She describes herself as a "jack of all trades." Dahlgreen worked in a flower shop for five years, then took a one-year night school course for computer programming.

Her job as a "Girl Friday" for a building company was a favorite of hers, but when the company went out of business, she got a job with Crown Petroleum.

While her Scouting activities could fill a full-time work schedule, Dahlgreen recently returned to Crown Petroleum on a part-time basis to help with projects as needed.

Hobbies: Dahlgreen's skills in woodworking and decorative painting come in handy for Scouts, but she also enjoys those activities for her own pleasure. She especially likes making things for Christmas and said if she could keep her house decorated for Christmas year-round, she would.

Outdoor activities, especially cycling, appeal to Dahlgreen. She just completed a three-day, 90-mile bicycle ride on the C&O Canal with her sons' Scout troop last weekend and serves as a cycling merit badge counselor.

She also enjoys camping with her family, who lives on Lums Lane, and loves fishing.

What does Dahlgreen like best about Washington County? "This is the way my neighborhood was when I first got married. It's the way Pasadena was when I got married 25 years ago," she said.

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