Intern had 'a lot to offer'

June 14, 2006|by MARLO BARNHART

WILLIAMSPORT - More than anything, Lari Mead wants to be a nursing home administrator.

So when a 12-week internship at Williamsport Retirement Village came her way, the Towson (Md.) University student jumped at the chance.

"When we did a program at Towson four years ago, we met Lari's department chair," said Tim Berry, Williamsport Retirement Village administrator. Sharon Buchbinder, professor/chair of the Department of Health Sciences, remembered Williamsport Retirement Village from that encounter and called on Mead's behalf about a 12-week intern position there.

All that came together and Mead recently completed her stint at Williamsport Retirement Village.

"She has done a spectacular job for us - she wants to give and it makes such a difference to the seniors she deals with," Berry said.


During the 12-week program, Mead spent time in every department and was readily accepted in each, Berry said. "She's a bright light."

Mead's degree is in health-care management. She said she has one more program to complete and then testing and she will be finished.

"I will be living in Pennsylvania after graduation," said Mead, 23.

At first, Mead said, she was studying to be a physical therapist and then she switched to nursing. "I knew I wanted to stay in the health-care field, helping people," she said.

Then she learned Towson had a program that was more versatile. "It clicked and I excelled," Mead said. She minored in business administration to further her goal.

"I'm glad I had this internship so I would know what to expect," said Mead, a Westminster, Md., native.

Mead, who got no pay during her internship, drove to Williamsport every day by choice.

Shelly Bishop, assistant Williamsport Retirement Village administrator, was Mead's mentor during the internship.

"We've learned some things from her," Bishop said. "We've changed some processes because of her - she has a lot to offer."

Bishop said Mead has a pleasant spirit and will make a great administrator.

Mead was selected by the faculty in the Department of Health Science at Towson to receive the recognition award for health-care management.

In mid-May, she was inducted into the Upsilon Phi Delta honor society at Towson for achieving distinction in her chosen field and maintaining a grade-point average of 3.25 or better.

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