Hagerstown songwriter helps Rockville singer vocalize a dream

June 11, 2006|by KRISTIN WILSON

Janine Davy firmly believes that good things really do come to those who wait.

The self-proclaimed "original late-bloomer" just released her first CD at the age of 50, and she couldn't be more excited.

"I always hoped that something like this would happen, but I didn't seek it out," says the Rockville, Md., resident. "I was so ready to do this. I was feeling like I had never been singing better."

Davy's CD, "Looking For You," is a collection of folksy, bluesy ballads with a little country kick and a touch of rock. Most of the tracks on the CD are original songs written by Hagerstown resident Steven Digman. Davy and Digman collaborated extensively to produce the CD and it was released in October 2005 by Digman's record company, Funkstown Records.

For both Digman and Davy the CD was a long time coming. The two worked together years ago when Davy recorded some of Digman's songs as demos.


Digman, who worked with and wrote songs for the late Eva Cassidy, a vocalist with a large following in Washington, D.C., and beyond, says he always wanted to do a CD with Davy and established Funkstown Records primarily to work on Davy's CD. The CD includes the four principal musicians who were part of Cassidy's band.

For Davy, hearing her voice recorded, backed up by both professional musicians and her musical family members, is a dream come true.

"We did it, if for no other reason, (for) the pure love of music," she says. "I think everybody that loves to sing dreams of recording something on a permanent basis."

Davy compares singing to breathing, explaining that music is an inextricable part of her. Her father was a professional flutist with the U.S. Air Force Band and her mother loved to sing and played the piano.

In some respects, Davy's CD pays homage to her musical roots and to her family. On the CD, Davy plays her late father's flute in the song "Love Hurts." Davy's daughter, Anna Davy, plays cello and sings backup on a few songs. Davy's husband, Rich Davy, plays lead guitar for the song "Crying," and Davy's brother, Erich Seehafer, also plays lead guitar on multiple tracks.

"It's been very, very special having the people you love dearly be on (the CD)," Davy says.

The title track of the CD, "Looking For You," is Davy's favorite song. She connected with the words Digman had written but felt the melody had to be changed into a slower, more plaintive ballad. The song means different things to different people, Davy says. She saw the song as a story of a lost relationship, but others have told her it makes them think of losing a loved one.

Janine Davy's debut CD, "Looking For You," features the music and lyrics of Steven Digman and was co-produced by Chris Biondo, Digman and Davy. Featured musicians include Biondo, Lenny Williams, Keith Grimes and Raice McLeod, all members of Cassidy's band; Steve Steckler, Keith Mitchell, Benjie Porecki, Anna Davy, David Speake, David Hill, Marsha Rubin, Holly Brandon, Rich Davy and Erich Seehafer. Grammy-winning Charlie Pilzer did the CD mastering.

The CD is available for purchase online at or Songs from "Looking For You" are also available on iTunes. Davy and her band, Heartspeak, will appear on Maryland Public Television on Aug. 9.

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