Police warn about man impersonating officer

June 08, 2006

FREDERICK, Md. - A woman was pulled over Tuesday in Frederick County by a person police believe was impersonating a police officer, Maryland State Police in Frederick said in a written release.

The woman, driving a white Mercedes, was pulled over on U.S. 15 near 7th Street by a person driving a blue Ford Crown Victoria that had a blue rotating light on its roof, police said.

The driver of the Crown Victoria was wearing a dark Windbreaker with white lettering on the front and a dark baseball cap, according to the release.

After the woman handed the man her driver's license, she drove away after suspecting he was not a police officer, the release states. The man did not pursue her, police said.


A check of area police departments determined no officers were patrolling that area at that time, police said.

Maryland State Police commended the woman for her quick thinking. Police ask anyone with information on the man or his vehicle to call state police in Frederick at 301-644-4151.

Police offer the following options for motorists who find themselves in a similar situation:

  • Drive off at or below the speed limit and turn on hazard lights to acknowledge the concern.

  • Dial #77 or 911 on a cell phone to see if police can confirm the validity of the stop.

  • Drive to a well-lit, populated area like a gas station.

  • If the officer is not in uniform, ask to see his badge or ID card with photo.

Police who drive in unmarked cars are aware of these options and will work with the motorists, according to the release.

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