Smithsburg at a glance

June 07, 2006

Mayor: Mildred "Mickey" Myers, 301-739-1385

Town council:

Shirley Aurand, 301-824-7635

Jerome Martin, 301-824-5271

Tom Chiarizia, 301-824-3780

Dennis "Jack" Wenthe, 301-824-3977

Thomas B. Smith, 301-824-2663

The Town Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Town Hall: 301-824-7234

Population: 2,594


Electricity: Allegheny Power, 1-800-255-3443

Telephone company: Verizon, 301-954-6230. For questions about a late bill or shutoff notice, call 301-954-6240

Water and sewer: water is purchased through the City of Hagerstown but all billing matters are handled at Smithsburg Town Hall. Smithsburg owns the sewer distribution system and Washington County owns the sewage treatment plant. If problems arise, call Town Hall.

Cable TV: Antietam Cable, 301-797-5000

Recycling: take recyclable materials to the Washington County Greensburg Transfer Station landfill on Greensburg Road, 301-824-3266

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