In with the old

June 06, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

Falling Waters, W.Va. - A muted rift from Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" wafted over the West Virginia hills as the band rehearsed the cover in the basement of Zach Zeger's father's house.

Inside, Zach spun the guitar behind his head as he played, knocking off his black, feathered hat in the process. Zane Mills handled the vocals with kid gloves, doing it like he thought Jimi probably would have.

The band Defyance is posturing itself as the torchbearer for good music, or as they define it, classic and Southern rock, blues and metal. What makes the group unusual, members say, is the fact that each of the band's four members are freshmen in high school.

Defyance plays covers to songs created decades before any of the band members were born. They generally perform at venues throughout the Tri-State area, but they have not yet recorded any songs. Sometimes it's hard to get booking agents to take them seriously, members said.


"They expect us to sound like Fall Out Boy ... but I ain't falling out," said drummer Jake Turner, 15. "We just want to keep the music alive."

Members said they were each brought up on healthy servings of Metallica and classic rockers such as Hendrix. Jake said the band hopes to start working on some original songs this summer.

About the band

Vocals: Zane Mills, 15, of Hagerstown

Guitar: Zach Zeger, 14, of Williamsport

Bass: Jake Long, 14, of Hagerstown

Drums: Jake Turner, 15, of Hagerstown

Genres: Classic rock, metal, cover band

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