Mail Call

June 06, 2006

"A waitress pays tax on every meal she serves, to the government, whether she's tipped well, poorly, or not at all. And there are some people, no matter how much you wait on them and how good you are to them, they are still cheap tippers."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"This is from the lady involved in the accident on May 25 on Eastern Boulevard. I was in the Kia. I want to thank the lady who was there right away to help us out. She is a nurse. I hope you read 'You Said It.' I don't know how else to get in touch with you. Again, thanks. You were so very helpful and nice."

- Hagerstown

"I was calling in reference to seeing a lot of these little boys driving these big tractors on the roads in their farm areas, and especially I've seen one twice on the road with big tractors out near the Ringgold and Waynesboro area. I really think someone should be checking into that, because someone has to look out for these children. I think they're 10 or 12, driving these big tractors. I guess the fathers are trying to get the work done, but I don't think children that age should be out on an intersection. I saw one on the Ringgold intersection, turning with a big tractor. I was kind of worried about him, so I do hope that the parents will be more careful and not have their little boys driving these big tractors, especially on the main roads."


- Smithsburg

"This is in reference to Judge Wright's decision, which I think was too lenient, for the boy who killed the bear and the cubs. I'm a sportsman and a hunter."

- Hancock

"I would like to ask the commissioners to please, please, please get us a traffic light at Bower Avenue and Virginia Avenue before someone gets killed here. Please give us a light."

"I have been finding dead doves in my yard. I've been feeding the same brand of wild bird seed in a ground tray as I've done for years."

- Hagerstown

"I'd like to congratulate my daughter, Christine, who graduated from Salisbury University with her master's degree on Thursday, May 25. I am really proud of you. You finally made it. I love you with all my heart. Keep up the good work. You're really a good girl."

- Hagerstown

"Every time I drive past Westfields I want to cry. It's an eyesore; it's an abomination, and it's only one of many. When is this county going to get a grip on sprawl?"

- Sharpsburg

"Someone called in and said that Katharine McPhee was a better singer than Taylor Hicks, which singing she does do very well, but the key word to her call was 'entertainer,' and Taylor Hicks is a very good singer and entertainer. In fact (now someone's gonna call and say oh, no), but he reminded me a lot of Elvis Presley - not that he ever will be, because Elvis was the greatest, but he certainly is a good entertainer."

- Clear Spring

"I'm calling in from the West End to agree with the caller from Halfway saying that the South Side and the West End always get the short end of the stick. I totally agree. I personally spoke with the mayor and the parks director about getting the Hellane Park parking lot paved, but only empty promises. I think that the mayor and the City Council could at least pave that park. It's a dusty mess."

"This was a very, very good year for 'American Idol,' and Taylor won, as you can see. To the lady that thinks that Katharine can sing circles around him: Look who won."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I'm calling about the complaint about the carnival in Boonsboro, about the prices of the rides. Well, the one ride cost half a million dollars, and the price of gas is very high, and everything else. So I don't know why anybody expects the rides are gonna be real cheap, and number one, you don't have to get on them, but half these kids have over $100 sneakers on, and running around with cell phones. And the ride people have very high insurance that they have to pay."

- Boonsboro

"I'm calling about the fellow that was on the interstate driving down to Sykesville from Waynesboro and he's talking about how fast people are driving, and how everything is so busy and the economy is supposed to be so good, all the cars on the parking lots at the malls and restaurants, etc., etc. I can tell you why they think the economy is so good. These people are all using credit cards, and they're spending more money than they're making. The economy is not good; people are just spending lots more and have their credit cards maxed out. That's why they're spending all the money, and they'll never get out of debt."

- Williamsport

"My call is regarding the young man that Judge Wright sentenced for killing the bear. I think the judge was totally out of line with that sentence. How did he know the bear wouldn't attack him? They often do in protecting their young. Would Judge Wright rather have a dead bear or a dead human?"

- Hagerstown

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