June 02, 2006

Steven Davis and Amy Lynn Green, 16317 McGregor Drive, Hagerstown, to Trisha Wood, for $145,900.

Richard N. Jr. and Diane K. Blair, 10111 Mildred Drive, Hagerstown, to Adam W. and Meredith Reed Trolley, for $424,999.

Virgie L. Small, 12602 Spickler Road, Clear Spring, to Sarah B. Santaella, for $182,500.

Greenfield Community LLC, 13905, 13910-13912, 13911-1313 Greenfield Ave., Maugansville, to PC3 LLC for $1,300,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 18 Zachary Court, Boonsboro, to Timothy E. and Erin E. Wheeler, for $497,400.

George F. and Mildred M. Dietrich, 512 E. Cannon Ave., Hagerstown, to Andrew Ray and Melissa Heavey, for $169,900.

The estate of Eugene E. Morris, 331 Avon Road, Hagerstown, to Richard A. Baker Jr., for $162,000.

John H. and Christi M. Line, 108 Fairground Ave., Hagerstown, to Jarrad M. Winman and Alaina J. Rowe, for $139,900.

Brian W. and Stacey L. Cook, 307 Emmert Road, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey D. Hale and Catherine M. Gorman, for $189,900.


Jeffrey C. Kline, 20626 Benevola Church Road, Boonsboro, to Masahiro Hirai and Jun Eun Soon Hirai, for $525,000.

Robert H. Rollins II, 19323 Manor Church Drive, Boonsboro, to Jeffrey H. and Yvonne N. Smart, for $180,000.

Alvin E. Friedman, Kenneth J. MacFadyen, James J. Loftus and Daniel Menchel, 13221 Edgemont Road, Smithsburg, to James R. Billings, for $169,000.

Paul Crampton LLC, 1230 Hunters Woods Drive, Hagerstown, to Gary V. Sr. and Evelyn D. B. Fisher, for $221,161.

Mark M. Kukiela, 13305 Fountainhead Road, Hagerstown, to Bryan C. and Bethany J. Hanes, for $300,000.

William E. LeDane, 2029 Windsong Drive, #3A, Hagerstown, to Charles W. Vallance Jr., for $160,000.

Robert C. and Nancy L. Draskovic, 16517 Conovale Drive, Hagerstown, to Gary L. and Jayne E. Hill, for $438,000.

Frederick D. and Jo Anne Smith, 20017 Gilbert Hills Drive, Hagerstown, to Thomas Materson, for $190,000.

Fannie Mae, 402 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Harriet Mall, for $185,000.

Equity Homes LLC, a VA limited liability company, 9615 Clydeleven Drive, Hagerstown, to Julia L. and Christopher J. Anderson, for $681,888.

Stonehenge Farms LLC, Donna Edgins, 8303 Prophet Acres Road, Fairplay, to Mohamed A. and Kathleen S. Majeed, for $130,000.

Richard L. Reese, 12401 Cedar Ridge Road, Williamsport, to Bernard Semleer II, for $80,000.

Joseph and Kathleen A. Lietuvnikas, 13515 Red Brick Lane, Hagerstown, to Roy A. Stottlemeyer Jr., for $325, 000.

Cortland Manor Development LLC, 12977 Little Hayden Circle, Hagerstown, to Kenneth W. Reisenweber, for $310,083.

Rodney Lau, 18257 Rockland Drive, Hagerstown, to Ewart and Melanie Brummell, for $415,000.

Ronald D. and Caroline S. Twigg, 1046 Glenwood Ave., Hagerstown, to Della M. Blakey, for $155,000.

Richard Gaylor Jr., 252 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Chadrick D. Cline, for $119,000.

Thomas and Alison Mogle, 10723 Crystal Falls Road, Hagerstown, to Thomas McLean, for $447,000.

Brian D. and Shelagh D. Gertz, 73 Bryon Drive, Smithsburg, to Evelio and Eley D. Herrera, for $315,000.

D.R. Horton Inc., 19546 Waneta Drive, Boonsboro, to Ravy Sath and Chan Chom, for $723,891.

Iris G. Sagi, 6, 8, 10 and 12 E. Potomac St., Hagerstown, to Stoney Run Properties LLC for $250,000.

Matthew E. Sutton, 179 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael J. Trainor, for $152,000.

Robert Eugene and Linda Jean Holliway, 18925 Orchard Terrace Road, Hagerstown, to Patricia Spellar, for $290,000.

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