A fond farewell

May 30, 2006|by LORI YOUNG

I am saying goodbye to my position at Maryland Cooperative Extension.

Friday will be my last day here and I want to thank the residents of Washington County for making my time as the Extension educator for horticulture an enjoyable experience. I would also like to thank the entire staff at the Extension office for their support and friendship.

I have accepted a position in the human services field, a field in which I worked before working with Extension and to which I felt called to return.

This is in no way means that the services offered by Maryland Cooperative Extension are not valuable. I still recommend using the services offered at the office and will continue to be a 4-H volunteer.


The Extension office offers services in family and consumer sciences, nutrition education, nutrient management, agriculture and natural resources and 4-H youth development, as well as horticulture.

Until a new horticulture Extension educator is hired, please call the Home and Garden Information Center with your gardening and pest questions. Their service is also offered by the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.

The toll-free number in Maryland, if you're calling from within the state, is 1-800-342-2507. If you are calling from out of state, you must use the toll number of 1-410-531-1757.

Another way to submit questions is to use its Web site ( to send a question with or without a photograph. You can use the "send a question" link.

If you have a nuisance wildlife question (about groundhogs, skunks, etc.), call the nuisance wildlife hot line at 1-877-463-6497. It offers information about the identification and control of wildlife.

As for the established programs in horticulture in Washington County, Master Gardeners is a valuable asset. Master Gardeners have taken on many projects in the county that they will continue.

The fall Master Gardener class that was scheduled will be postponed until a new Master Gardener coordinator is hired.

The Master Gardener Program is a new addition to the county horticulture program and will hopefully flourish in the county.

The first group of Master Gardeners has been so successful that I have no doubt they will continue the good work they do for the county.

See next week's story for the good works that Master Gardeners are doing.

Again, I thank you for your support and wish everyone a great growing season.

Lori Young is an Extension educator, specializing in horticulture for the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension. She is based in Washington County. She can be reached weekdays, until Friday, her last day on the job, by telephone at 301-791-1604, ext. 14, or by e-mail at

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