For your local business, workers and events, you've got our Money on it

May 28, 2006|by LINDA DUFFIELD

The Herald-Mail each Sunday runs what are labeled Money pages, three pages that contain information about local businesses and, in many cases, their employees.

A lot of people already know they can have short items about their businesses placed on a Money page, but for those who don't, I'd like to run down what we print and explain how to have an item published.

These items are not ads, and that means there is no charge for getting your information in the paper. That also means that each item that runs must has some news value.

We run four types of columns each Sunday: Tri-State Calendar, Business Briefs, Business People and a New Business feature. Here's some basic information about each of them:


· The Tri-State Calendar: A column that lists upcoming events planned by organizations such as chambers of commerce, economic development commissions and the like. Seminars being held by private businesses do not run in this column, but are included in our Business Briefs column.

· Business Briefs: A column of short items that includes such information as seminars scheduled by private businesses, dividend information, changes in location, and recognition given or awards received by the businesses, among other things.

When the item contains information about an upcoming event such as a seminar, we need to receive it 10 days to two weeks before the date of the event. We ask that because our Money pages are done in advance, and an item that gets to our office in the middle of the week won't make it in the paper until the following Sunday.

· Business People: A column that contains information that includes, but is not limited to, employees of the month, quarter and year; promotions; new employees; milestone anniversaries; completion of education pertinent to the person's job; awards received; seminars attended; and presentations given.

Because of the volume of submissions we receive for this column, items are edited so that no one of them takes up a lot of space. What runs in the paper is the pertinent information - the person's name, hometown, his or her place of employment and the reason the item has been submitted.

We use small photos with some of these items, but because of space limitations, we cannot guarantee that all photos submitted will be printed.

· New Business: This column, in a question-and-answer form, features businesses in the Tri-State area that have opened within the past 12 months. Owners of new businesses need only fill out a Q&A form that can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to them. When the form is returned, a copy is turned over to our Photography Department, and a photographer will call to arrange to go to the business and shoot a photo to accompany the Q&A when it runs in the paper.

We run one New Business feature a week, and we try to run them in the order we receive the returned forms. That means we normally have a small backlog. It could be four or five weeks before a photo is taken, but once it is, that business feature generally is in the paper the following week.

Items for any of the columns listed above may be submitted by e-mail at; by fax at 301-714-0245; or by mail, c/o The Herald-Mail, 100 Summit Ave., Hagerstown MD 21741.

Linda Duffield is associate editor of The Herald-Mail. She can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 7591, or by e-mail at

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