Cool pools are on tap for holiday weekend

May 26, 2006|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

TRI-STATE - Whether swimming enthusiasts enjoy a good splash this Memorial Day weekend - the traditional start of summer at area public pools - might be a matter of degrees.

If anything less than 80 degrees for pool water makes you shiver, don't expect to dip more than a toe for now.

Local pool experts say they expect water temperatures to be in the 70s.

After checking conditions at Northside Pool in Waynesboro, Pa., on Thursday afternoon, Kevin Grubbs said, "It's currently 64."

"It's been so mild," said Grubbs, the borough's head of engineering services. "I doubt if it will change a lot between now and Saturday."

The air temperature, though, might be more inviting this weekend.

The National Weather Service's seven-day forecast for Hagerstown predicts a mostly cloudy Saturday, with a slight chance of showers. The high temperature is expected to be about 83 degrees.


On Sunday and Monday, Hagerstown likely will be mostly sunny, with a high temperature around 81 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Saturday is when municipal pools in Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg, Pa., Martinsburg, W.Va., and Williamsport are scheduled to open.

Jackie Grapes, who works at Flohr Pools in Hagerstown, said that when she opened her pool at home two weeks ago, the water temperature was about 50 degrees.

It has risen to about 70 degrees - still too cold for her to want to get in.

The Chambersburg (Pa.) Municipal Pool water will average about 82 to 84 degrees during a hot summer, but it isn't there yet, said Julie Redding, the borough's assistant superintendent of recreation.

Even if adults stay poolside this weekend, children likely will ignore the chill and get in, said Dawn Shatzer, manager at Claude M. Potterfield Pool in Hagerstown.

"Kids really don't mind," she said.

Steve Catlett, director of Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation, said water temperatures at pools at Lambert Park and War Memorial Park probably are in the 60s. He hopes warmer evening weather will raise them into the 70s.

War Memorial Park's second pool - a leisure pool - is heated to about 80 degrees, Catlett said.

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