President of the Day contest continues

May 26, 2006|by Lisa Prejean

While I was president:

Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in California.

Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin became states.

Elias Howe patented the sewing machine.

Who am I?

If you can remember what the prospectors were called during the California Gold Rush, this answer should be easy to pinpoint.

While gold was discovered in 1848, the actual rush on gold occurred the following year. That's where the term "49ers" comes from.


The president in 1848 was James K. Polk.

Last week I shared the first half of the clues I've been giving my fifth-graders in our President of the Day contest. Here is the second part of the contest. I'll have to give the last seven clues next week because my class doesn't have those yet.

Also next week I'll list and provide descriptions of some books that might be helpful to parents who are uncomfortable talking to their children about sex.

Until then, see how well you do in this second part of the President of the Day contest:

1. The 13th amendment, which officially abolished slavery, was ratified when I was president.

My wife taught me how to read and write.

The House of Representatives voted to impeach me - charge me with misconduct.

2. I am the only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms.

In my first term, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York City.

Apache leader Geronimo surrendered to the Army in Arizona.

3. Nebraska's capital was named after me.

At 6 feet, 4 inches, I was the tallest president.

I was the first president to die by assassination.

4. During my presidency, the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

As a Union general, I led the North to victory in the Civil War.

The first transcontinental railroad was completed during my presidency.

5. I was the first left-handed president.

I was shot at a Washington, D.C., railroad station.

Clara Barton helped to organize the American Red Cross while I was in office.

6. My wife was nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy" because she refused to serve alcoholic drinks at the White House.

While I was president, Thomas Edison patented his electric light bulb.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perc surrendered after leading a four-month campaign in the Northwest.

7. I was shot and died in office.

In my day:

Prospectors swarmed to Alaska by the thousands in search of gold.

The Spanish-American War was fought.

When I was in office, The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in New York City.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West show dramatized the legends of the West.

Mark Twain's novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was published.

9. I was the last president to wear a beard.

I was the first president to have a Christmas tree in the White House.

While I was president, 2,000 people died after a dam in Johnstown, Pa., collapsed, flooding the town.

10. I once said, "No president has ever enjoyed himself as much as I."

My Rough Riders' victory in Cuba helped to make me a Spanish-American War hero.

My actions toward other countries were called "big-stick diplomacy."

11. In 1910, I became the first president to open the Major League season by tossing out the first baseball.

During my term, the 16th amendment was ratified. This amendment established federal income tax.

My family was the last to keep a cow at the White House and the first to keep a car.

12. I led the United States through World War I.

I helped to draw up a peace treaty that provided for the League of Nations.

During my term, both the 18th amendment, banning alcohol in the United States, and the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote, were ratified.

13. In 1921, I became the first president to ride in an automobile to my inauguration.

I was the first newspaper publisher to be elected president.

My presidency was marred by the Teapot Dome Scandal.

14. During my presidency, the stock market crashed.

Then the country entered a major economic slump which became known as the Great Depression.

FDR defeated me in the election of 1932.

15. I promised a New Deal to the American people.

My mom was the first woman to vote for her son in a presidential election.

I was the only president elected to four terms.

16. My nickname was Silent Cal.

I was born on the Fourth of July.

During my presidency, Charles Lindbergh completed the first transatlantic flight.


1. Andrew Johnson

2. Grover Cleveland

3. Abraham Lincoln

4. Ulysses S. Grant

5. James A. Garfield

6. Rutherford B. Hayes

7. William McKinley

8. Chester A. Arthur

9. Benjamin Harrison

10. Theodore Roosevelt

11. William H. Taft

12. Woodrow Wilson

13. Warren G. Harding

14. Herbert C. Hoover

15. Franklin D. Roosevelt

16. Calvin Coolidge

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