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May 25, 2006|by JUDI DOMINGUEZ

Collect treasure

The seventh annual Treasure Sale benefiting the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts will be held Saturday, Nov. 11. It's not to early to donate your tax-deductible items to the sale - dishes, furniture, art objects, jewelry, toys and games, anything but clothing and appliances.

Call the museum at 301-739-5257 to make arrangements for pickup at your home or business if you are unable to deliver your items to the museum directly. Spring is the time when we all need a fresh start and what better way to accomplish this than to "retire" those items that we no longer want or need.

The Singer Society, the museum's volunteer committee, greatly appreciates the community's involvement in this yearly fundraiser. Mark your calendar for the Preview Reception on Nov. 10 and the Treasure Sale on Nov. 11.


House and Garden Tour

The Women's Club invites you to a fabulous House and Garden Tour on Saturday, June 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some beautiful homes including Doub's Mill, The Women's Club, Old Forge Farm and Oxbow Bend Farm will be featured for $20, or $5 for a single home.

Luncheon will be available at the Women's Club from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a cost of $7.

For more details or to purchase a ticket, please call the Women's Club from 9 am to 1 pm at 301-739-0870. The Women's Club has fundraisers to support the upkeep of its historic building, which includes 18 rooms rented to women in our community who need low cost housing1

Community forum

In conjunction with the city's Engineering Department, Neighborhoods 1st will hold a community forum in the Jonathan Street neighborhood on Wednesday, June 1, at 7 p.m. at Memorial Recreation Center.

The community forum will introduce participants to the streetscape enhancement of Jonathan Street. The plan includes replacing the storm drain, water main, sanitary sewer main, and gas main, street repavement, reconstructing sidewalks, increased landscaping and other additional amenities.

As part of the approval process, the Hagerstown Mayor and Council have requested that a forum with citizens living in the area be held to provide input. This community forum will provide residents of the area most immediately affected by this project the opportunity to learn about the details of the project, to ask questions, and provide feedback to the City Engineer and the project consultants regarding the proposed plans. The projected schedule and how traffic will be handled during this major public works project will also be shared during this meeting. All those interested in attending are welcome.

City Square hydrant project

On Tuesday, June 6, City Square Neighborhoods 1st is scheduled to present to Hagerstown's Mayor and Council a request for support of their Fire Hydrant Painting Enhancement Project and Contest.

Modeled after other communities throughout the country who have similar programs, this project is designed to (1) enhance the aesthetics of the downtown streetscape; (2) involve the community in beautification efforts of the downtown; (3) increase foot traffic in the downtown and encourage patronization of downtown businesses; and (4) "reward" pedestrians for walking in the downtown through the creation of public art.

Great job

Congratulations to 3-year-old Xavier Shollay for receiving two trophies during the Southside Family Bowl Banquet held Sunday, May 21. Zaye, as he is called, received the first-place trophy for his average of 47.8 and the second for boys age 3-5 High Set (176). Brother Brandyn received trophies for Boys 9-12 high average (83.5) and High Set (321).

Keep it coming

Please keep the e-mails, letters and phone calls coming in. How's your garden growing?

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