Letters to the editor

May 25, 2006

A good man is gone

To the editor:

Today, I read in the newspaper about a friend of mine who passed away after a long bout with cancer. Art Richards was one of a kind. His legacy and acts of compassion will follow him into eternity. He finished well. In his passing, I'd like to challenge each and every one of us to consider the investments we're making into the next generation.

Art and his wife are those who have shown the love of Christ to people through benevolent acts of kindness. May the Lord bless us with many more people who give back to their world and make a difference.

Pastor John Miller

Faith Christian Fellowship

Getting the band back together

To the editor:

Fifty years ago, the first school band that used the name Greencastle-Antrim presented a spring concert in the old high school on South Washington Street in Greencastle, Pa. The band was under the direction of Richard Besecker, who in addition to teaching instrumental music, taught vocal music. Donald Kuszck became the first full-time instrumental music teacher in 1959.


With the growth of the instructional music program, a second full-time band director was added in 1968 and a third teacher was hired in 1972. The current staff stands at three teachers. In the 50-year history of Greencastle-Antrim bands, only 14 individuals have taught instrumental music in the Greencastle-Antrim School District.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Greencastle-Antrim bands, the Greencastle-Antrim School District and the Greencastle-Antrim Band Boosters Association are planning a special alumni concert to be held Sunday, June 25, at 2:30 p.m., in the G-A High School auditorium.

All G-A band alumni are invited to participate in this special concert. It will be a great opportunity to meet old friends and dust off the instrument.

A rehearsal is planned for Saturday afternoon, June 24, from 1 to 4 p.m. , and the concert will be presented the following afternoon. Nine current and former G-A band directors will conduct or solo during the concert.

Any Greencastle-Antrim band alumnus who wishes to participate in this concert should contact Paul Grane at either the Greencastle-Antrim Middle School, 370 S. Ridge Ave., Greencastle, PA 17225 or the school district Web site: More information about the event is available on the Web site.

We hope to fill the stage with alumni. And even if your "chops" are no longer up to playing, we hope to see you in the audience. It should be a great time.

Paul Grane

Alumni concert coordinator

Congress did seniors no favors

To the editor:

As a citizen about to turn 65, I am concerned and perplexed by the current Medicare drug program. It is costly, controlling and confusing, and I understand millions of seniors have been unable or unwilling to sign up. It seems to have been written mostly for the benefit of drug companies.

I think the May 15 deadline and lifetime penalties are especially unfair and should have been cancelled.

Instead of penalizing seniors, Congress should fix the program so that it puts seniors' health first!

Diana Eldridge

Shepherdstown, W.Va

Tears for America

To the editor:

America, I love you and shall always as long as you exist. I am beginning to fear for you because of what I see going on. You are changing. Have you been too loving, generous and trusting? Why are the poor getting poorer and the rich richer? Jesus said, "Ye shall have the poor with you always," and I accept His words, but must it come about through selfish greed? Fill my pockets, let my bank account rise to the ceiling.

No matter how, just get it. Open our gates and let everybody and everything enter, bringing their religions, traditions, languages and God knows what else. We love everybody and don't want to offend.

I've got news, they already dislike us and are out to take over this America. We are too busy meddling in their affairs and neglecting our own.

We need men with steel backbones who will stand up and fight for the right to survive to give employment and to feed and house our own. Also, to raise the cross of Jesus over our nation and get back on the right path by putting God back into our schools, our homes, our colleges, etc.

We are so busy arguing and criticizing, blaming the other guy. We want credit and prestige. Satan has a strong hold on our country and if he takes over it is because we let him.

I am just an older person with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, but thank God I can still voice an opinion. Sorry, America, my darling, I weep for you and I pray for you. I am thankful for the good things being done.

Frances Moats


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