Blast from the Past

May 24, 2006

Week of May 21, 1956

It cost Washington County taxpayers $1.30 for each vote cast in the May 7 primary, according to statistics on file in the office of the County Commissioners.

Considering the high cost per vote, election officials say it is a pity so few voters exercise their right of franchise, since the more voting, the less the cost per vote.

Extensive remodeling and construction of an addition are scheduled for the Alsatia Club home on West Washington Street, to mark the 45th anniversary of the social club's founding in this city.

Besides the construction of the addition, the club's $23,000 expansion will include extensive remodeling to the present building, aimed at centralizing club activities on the first floor of the three-story club home.


North Street High School's commencement exercises will be held Tuesday, June 5, at 8:15 p.m. in the school auditorium. Fifteen members of the senior class will receive their diplomas.

Sylvia Bell, valedictorian of the class, will feature "Responsibility of Society."

Howell Cook, salutatorian, will speak on "Freedom in Education."

Week of May 21, 1981

Memorial Day will be celebrated by a variety of agencies on three different days next week.

On Monday, area post offices, schools, banks and The Herald-Mail Co. will be closed and the County Commuter will not run.

Agencies observing the holiday on Friday, May 29, are Washington County Court House and office building, District Court, Washington County Health Department, City Hall and Washington County Department of Social Services.

The Washington County Free Library will close for the holiday Saturday, May 30.

Ron Stansbury, owner of Ron's Deli-Lounge on Burhans Boulevard, came before the board to ask for temporary use of a city parking lot for his overflow crowd, and to announce plans to expand his business.

Stansbury received permission to use the lot last week. That was rescinded after a radio broadcast of former Councilman Larry Vaughn's complaints, and Stansbury was advised he would need council approval.

Area Ku Klux Klan members said Friday they "heartily disapprove" of violent tactics allegedly used by several Klansmen arrested in the Mid-Atlantic area Thursday.

"We are trying to overcome forced busing and affirmative action. We certainly could not accomplish that if we bomb people," said Jim Locke, Grand Dragon of Pennsylvania and West Virginia for the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and Chuck Shepherd, head of the Hagerstown chapter at a press conference they held at a Hagerstown motel.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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