My Ride

May 23, 2006|by NICK RITCHICK

Name: Alex Hobbs

Age: 17 years old

School: Senior at North Hagerstown High School

Type of car: 1974 Triumph Spitfire convertible

Received: September 2004, for his 16th birthday.

Why he got it: He got the car not only because it was his birthday, but also because his father once owned a Spitfire.

Problems: There were days at a time when he couldn't drive his car at all due to blown head gaskets, carburetor problems and oil leaks. However, it's nothing Alex's father can't repair, so he usually always has it when he needs it.


His most memorable trip: His first drive to Sinoquipe, a Boy Scout camp in Fort Littleton, Pa., to be a counselor. It was his first long drive in his car and it was a very scenic area.

Regular destinations: His normal destinations include school, Wal-Mart, Valley Mall, Port City Java and, of course, his friends' houses.

What's in his CD player: AC/DC.

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