Experimental noise

May 23, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

HAGERSTOWN - Massacre of the Murder Scene could be considered the anti-band.

At best, they sound like a raucous cacophony of instruments - on purpose. That's their MO.

The seven-member "experimental noise" band said it functioned more like an art experiment than a serious musical venture. The band is less than a year old and has yet to do any major recordings, though they have played several local shows.

"We're kind of, like, a parity of post-hard-core screamo, without all of the annoying stuff like lyrics," said Meighan Young, the group's 17-year-old keyboardist and toy piano player (FYI: she plays on a toddler-sized piano).

Or in layman's terms: The group's musical aim is to make fun of the local high-school garage band scene. In their songs, the members go after things like the clichd spiked, two-toned hair, heavy mascara and the obligatory tight pants, said bassist Robbie Hansen, 15.


Also, they don't sing. They scream and holler.

"Some people get us, some people don't," said, Rachel Dozier, 16, one of the group's founding members.

About the band

Vocals: Megan Eigenbrode, 15, of Hagerstown

Vocals: Carlo Caroscio, 16, of Hagerstown

Vocals, Keyboard: Rachel Dozier, 16, of Hagerstown

Keyboard, toy piano: Meighan Young, 17, of Hagerstown

Guitar: James Farnum, 16, of Hagerstown

Bass: Robbie Hansen, 15, of Hagerstown

Drums: Travis Lafferty, 18, of Washington, D.C.

Genre: experimental noise

Web: Check Web site for upcoming shows,

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