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Poetry by teens for teens

Poetry by teens for teens

May 23, 2006

"The Light of My Life"


I am like the flame of a candle,

I light up the room when I smile,

My heart burns with love and desire for you,

Yet when unwanted my center, my heart, is blue.

The words "I don't love you" are like a cold, cold gust of wind,

Blowing across my heart and putting out all hope of a future with you.

Then I am left alone smoking with anger,

Raged at myself for letting myself fall,

Fall in love, fall into heartbreak, darkness, hollowness, a void.


Raged for being incapable of being loved,

When I am devoted and true, always loving you!

My heart is left broken, dark, alone, smoldering in the night.

You are the light, the love of my life!

"Taking Leave"


These clumsy trees and fountains and branches,

all nimble and shaky in the hands of existence.

I am going to leave them when I am ready.

When the time is right.

I will throw out all of my words and wave goodbye with wilted breath

to all these charming stick figures that god snaps and breaks

and pieces back together. I will wave goodbye to them,

shallow puddles in dim lamplight. I will leave.

Your hands won't know me anymore

and neither will his.

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