What Do You Think?

May 21, 2006

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will appear in The Herald-Mail.

The poll question was: If you were the parent of a teen driver, would you buy their gas, buy some of their gas, not pay for any gas, tell them to drive less or buy them a bicycle?

"If the kid wants to drive. And don't have a job or anything and think they can just live off his/her parents - that is what we should tell them to do, is drive less. And if he wants to drive a lot, make him or her get a job and pay for gas."

"I was never given a car, nor gas money, nor insurance money. I got a job, saved my money and bought my first car by myself. I paid for the parts and my stepdad helped me get it on the road. The insurance was in my name, the gas came from my paycheck, and I was enrolled at HJC full time and working part time. I learned valuable life lessons, such as managing money, how to get insurance and register a vehicle, and how to be responsible. It was a '78 Granada, almost as old as me, and I had to run premium gas in it because of its age.


"When the repairs got to be too much, I bought my next car.

"Nobody ever gave me any of it, and I am the better person for it. Let the kids get a job and pay for their own car, their own insurance, and their own gas. Too many people of my generation were spoon-fed all of their lives, and now they don't have the first clue how to live in the real world."

"My mom and I shared a vehicle until I went off to college, then I was responsible for my own transportation. But, if it were one of my girls, they wouldn't be driving if they didn't have a job to begin with, so they could at least pay for some of the gas and help with other expenses the family has. I used to buy groceries to offset the cost of having me on mom's insurance.

"But, if my girls want to drive their own vehicles, then they have to handle that responsibility 100 percent. Until then, they share the family car and all that goes with it."

"I also had to buy my own car, insurance, repairs and gas, I had a job when I was 10 delivering newspapers then I went fast food at 15 and 9 months. If I didn't have gas in my car I had to walk to work! I do agree that most of these kids today are spoon-fed."

"I'd help buy enough to get them to school/work and back. If they wanted more, I'd tell them to get a job and buy it themselves."

"Here we go again, Whatever happened to teaching your children to work hard for what they have? Don't depend on anyone except yourself. We as parents are supposed to teach them to be responsible adults."

"I feel this way - teens want a car, teens buy the car. Teens buy the gas. Teens take out the insurance. The way some of these teens drive, they don't deserve to have a license. A lot of people out here don't deserve their license. My mother always taught me, you have to work hard for what you have. Don't depend on anyone for nothing. You'll be a better person for it. There is no way I'm going to go out here and buy a car for my teen. I don't think so. She'll have to work and save for a car."

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