189 students to be honored at Celebration of Excellence

May 18, 2006

One hundred eighty-nine seniors from Washington County Public Schools will be honored today at the annual Celebration of Excellence Reception and Recognition at North Hagerstown High School.

A dessert reception at 7 p.m. will be followed by a recognition ceremony at 7:30 p.m.

Each student has attained at least a 3.70 grade-point average for his or her high school career through the end of the second semester of the senior year.

The following students will be saluted at the Celebration of Excellence:

Griffin Abernathy, Boonsboro High; Kyle Anderson, Smithsburg High; Hemagiri Arumugam, North Hagerstown High; Christine Aschenbrenner, Boonsboro High;

Tricia Babbie, Williamsport High; Joseph Baer, Smithsburg High; Eli Baker, Williamsport High; Kelly Barnhart, Williamsport High; Rebecca Barnhart, North High; Amanda Barr, South Hagerstown High; Allen Beard, Boonsboro High; Ashley Beattie, Williamsport High; Lindsay Beattie, South High; Marisa Bender, South High; Danwill Berromilla, South High; Joseph Biser, Smithsburg High; Crosby Blair, Boonsboro High; Brandon Boger, Washington County Technical High; Andrew Bohan, Smithsburg High; Jack Bowen, Williamsport High; Kenzie Bowen, Smithsburg High; Amanda Boyer, Smithsburg High; Andrew Brabson, Boonsboro High; Tyler Braithwaite, Clear Spring High; Katie Branch, South High; Kelsey Brasher, North High; George Brnilovich, North High; Brandon Brown, North High; Jason Brown, Williamsport High; Matthew Brucksch, Smithsburg High; Carrie Brundrett, Boonsboro High; Jonathan Byrd, Boonsboro High;


Benjamin Caffarelli, South High; Toni Calandrelle, North High; Ashley Calendine, North High; Dustin Carr, South High; Jamil Castillo, South High; Brittany Churchey, North High; Mark Clevenger, South High; Amber Colbert, Smithsburg High; Elizabeth Connor, South High; Traci Cordell, Clear Spring High; Amy Cornelius, North High; Kellyann Courter, Clear Spring High; Ashley Crawford, South High; Emily Crilly, Williamsport High; Allison Cross, Clear Spring High; Christina Cushwa, Clear Spring High;

Patrick Dattilio, North High; John Davis, South High; Garrett Delaney, Smithsburg High; Ashley Deluca, Boonsboro High; Sara Divelbiss, Hancock Middle-Senior High; Charisse Duncan, North High; Michael Dunham, South High;

Justin Ebersole, Boonsboro High;

Emily Fawcett, South High; Jennifer Ferenz, South High; Zachary Ficklin, South High; Laura Forsythe, Williamsport High; Shannon Fowkes, Smithsburg High; Peter Frey, Boonsboro High; Eric Fries, Boonsboro High;

Erin Gantz, Boonsboro High; Dane Gardow, North High; Austin Gates, Smithsburg High; Meagan Gaulding, Boonsboro High; Cara Gaver, North High; Anastasia Greene, Williamsport High; Fallon Grove, Boonsboro High; Hillary Grove, North High; Megan Gullace, North High;

Shunika Hamilton, South High; Harrison Hammond, North High; Ian Harman, Boonsboro High; Kasi Harris, Boonsboro High; Julianna Hart, South High; Spencer Hatcher, North High; Amber Hendershot, Clear Spring High; Bryant Hendrickson, North High; Tiffany Heyer, Williamsport High; Justin Higgins, South High; Kelli Hill, Smithsburg High; Amber Lea Hiser, North High; Erik Hoffman, Boonsboro High; Jaclyn Hornbaker, Clear Spring High; Susan Hornsby, Boonsboro High; Susie Huang, North High; Joshua Humelsine, Smithsburg High; Jennifer Huntoon, North High; Katie Hutzell, North High;

Stacy Ingraham, Williamsport High;

Erica Jones, South High; Stevie Joy, North High;

Catherine Kaniski, North High; William Kerns, Smithsburg High; Caitlin Kuczynski, Williamsport High;

Ashlee Lane, South High; Sondra Lavigne, Clear Spring High; Anna Lenhart, North High; Corey Lewis, Clear Spring High; Catherine Linton, Boonsboro High; Michelle Lok, North High; Evan Lowery, Boonsboro High; Timothy Lowery, Williamsport High; Alyssa Lum, Boonsboro High;

Sarah Macht, North High; Nicole Malott Shelton, South High; Jaclyn Mann, Hancock Middle-Senior High; Tiffany Mann, Hancock Middle-Senior High; Michael Marfut, Smithsburg High; Andrew Martin, North High; Ryan Marx, Smithsburg High; Derek McCarty, North High; Kristen McCoy, Boonsboro High; Alaina McCurdy, North High; Sara Metz, North High; Laura Michael, Boonsboro High; Jessica Miles, Clear Spring High; Lindsay Miles, Williamsport High; Jennifer Miller, North High; Jordan Monyhan, South High; Stephanie Moore, Clear Spring High; Jeanette Morris, Williamsport High; Ashley Mose, Boonsboro High; Casey Moser, South High; Malorie Moure, North High; Emily Myers, North High; Travis Myers, North High;

Matthew Nelson, Technical High; Heather Niederberger, Boonsboro High; Steven Nunnally, Williamsport High;

Megan Oberholzer, South High;

Christopher Palmer, Williamsport High; Ciara Parker, Williamsport High; Brian Poole, Boonsboro High; Benjamin Powell, Technical High; Cori Ptomey, South High;

Usama Qadri, Smithsburg High;

Ashley Rector, Clear Spring High; Elizabeth Repasi, North High; Kyle Rice, South High; Amy Robbins, Boonsboro High; Sarah Rohrer, Boonsboro High; Timothy Rollins, Technical High;

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