Letters to the editor

May 18, 2006

Bush could have done something about gas prices

To the editor:

Again there are letters and call-ins saying that President Bush is not to blame for the gasoline crisis.

Of course he is to blame. As president of these United States it is his responsibility to look out for the needs of its citizens. Four years ago he invaded Iraq. The president knew this would offend Arab oil-producing states. He knew that India and China were rapidly increasing their share of available oil. He knew that Brazil was operating 75 percent of its cars on gasohol composed of 80 percent ethanol and 20 percent petroleum.

Their ethanol was produced from sugar cane and is similar to that produced by corn in this country. As a result, Brazil does not have the air pollution we endure and is relatively free of dependence on foreign oil. We, too, could be in that situation if the president had properly done his job.


George Bush was too busy with his Iraq adventure and taking care of his big oil associates and insuring their profits. The major oil companies in this country had combined profits of more than $14 billion in the first three months of this year, while Americans are struggling with $3-a-gallon gas!

With the knowledge the president had four years ago, certainly a gas crisis was predictable, yet he did little or nothing about alternate fuels. Few dollars in his budgets went to alleviate the coming crisis in petroleum. Our representatives in Congress share this blame. The record shows that too many were more interested in the joys provided by lobbyists than in taking care of their constituents.

While the administration and its cohorts in Congress were fiddling, country singer Willie Nelson was forging ahead with soy oil diesel fuel and the State of Pennsylvania was having ethanol and soy-oil processing plants built. What is Maryland doing? With elections coming up, our representatives in Annapolis and Washington are listening. Write to them, talk, e-mail and get your message across. We want alternative fuels and we want them now! Brazil did it - we can do it, too.

William F. Jones


Send greetings to a fond friend

To the editor:

On June 7 my dear grandfather, Harold Comstock, will celebrate his 100th birthday. He was born in Hagerstown, to John and Anne Comstock, in 1906. My grandfather lived in the Hagerstown area until he was about 15 years old, at which time the family moved to Texas to look for work.

My grandfather has many fond memories of his youth spent in the Hagerstown area. He loves to tell his many family members about growing up in Maryland.

I thought it would be a wonderful surprise for his birthday if a few people from the Hagerstown area would send him a post card from Maryland for his birthday.

His address is Mr. Harold Comstock, 715 Ave. D, Port Neches, TX 77651. Thank you.

Carl Van Hess

Estes Park, Colo.

Help us celebrate COA's new location

To the editor:

The Washington County Commission on Aging, Inc./Area Agency on Aging has been part of the fabric of this community since 1973. Our mission is to promote quality aging by meeting the needs, protecting the rights and preserving the dignity of our citizens.

In doing so, while our priorities are to serve the frail elderly and those in the greatest social and economic need, we are here to assist all those who consider themselves to be "senior citizens" and all those who care about them.

On April 3, with grateful thanks for the strong support of the Board of County Commissioners, we relocated our main offices to the fourth floor of the beautiful Aspiring to Serve Building at 140 W. Franklin St. Our new office space suitably honors the importance to this community of our nearly 28,000 elder citizens.

Additionally, we thank Christ's Reformed Church and its nonprofit corporation, Aspiring to Serve Inc., for their visionary renovation of the building, the Gaming Commission for its continued support of our work, Callas General Contractor for its timely completion, and the work release crew for its hard work moving us.

We remain appreciative of the many years spent at our Public Square location under the auspices of the Alexander House Inc.

Please join us Friday, May 19, when the County Commissioners will dedicate our new offices, and we will officially designate our spacious meeting room as "The Commissioners' Room" in recognition of their commitment to our elder citizens.

John P. Kenney, President Board of Directors

Susan J. MacDonald, Executive Director

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