Housing development hearing canceled

May 17, 2006|by RICHARD F. BELISLE / Staff Correspondent

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - A hearing on a proposed Antrim Township, Pa., housing development was canceled Tuesday when the plan bumped up against a recent court ruling.

The developer, Buchanan Trail Creek Farm LLC of Mercersburg, Pa., had submitted two separate plans - one for a 902-unit planned residential development (PRD) and one for an 837-unit, single-family home development on the same 308-acre tract off Pa. 16.

The developer submitted the PRD plan for Creek Farm Village to the supervisors in late March and followed with the subdivision plan.

The tract, owned by Glen A. Young of Greencastle, lies across from Talhelm's Gas station at 2342 Buchanan Trail West (Pa. 16.).


According to Bonnie Shockey, president of the Allison-Antrim Museum, the land was one of four original homesteads in the township dating to the 1730s.

John Lisko, the supervisors' attorney, said a recent court ruling states that when two different development plans are submitted for the same tract, the later one submitted eliminates the one filed first.

The vote was taken following a 15-minute recess so the developers could decide which of their two plans - the PRD or the subdivision - they wanted to submit.

They returned saying they opted for the PRD, but Lisko's ruling and the supervisors' vote forced them to stay with the subdivision plan, Supervisor Robert Whitmore said after the hearing was canceled.

He said the next move was up to the developers.

It was unclear what their next move would be.

"This land will be developed," said Todd N. Sager, president of CEDG Engineers of Mechanicsburg, Pa., speaking for the developer.

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