Momma cat chooses lofty place in Cedar Lawn to raise three kittens

May 17, 2006|by JANET HEIM

A mother cat in Cedar Lawn has an owl to thank for the home she's claimed for her three kittens.

The stray cat birthed her kittens in the owl house Charles Ditto Sr. built two years ago - despite the 15-foot climb.

"It's the most unusual thing I've seen in my life. This is different," said Ditto, 64.

Ditto has watched the mother cat for several weeks. Sometimes, he sees her peering out from inside the owl house and other times suns herself on the top of it.

He has watched her come and go from the owl house, suspecting that she was leaving kittens behind while she searches for food.


It wasn't until he positioned a ladder up to the owl house last week and climbed up for a look that his suspicions were confirmed.

While the mother cat picked a safe haven for her babies, out of harm's way of predators, Ditto wonders how the kittens will get down.

He laughs as he recalls building the wooden house to attract the owl he's seen flying around the Cedar Lawn cemetery. The house has attracted animals, but not what he was expecting.

"Last year, it was a squirrel, this year a cat," Ditto said with a laugh.

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