Letters to the editor

May 17, 2006

Museum ramble was one for the ages

To the editor:

May 1-7 was Washington County History Week, concluding with the 3rd Annual Museum Ramble on May 6 and 7. The week was organized by the Washington County Association of Museums and Historical Sites and the Washington County Historical Society. The Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau was a partner and sponsor of the event.

Thanks go out to The Herald-Mail newspapers for publishing articles each day focusing on important aspects of Washington County history. These articles were written by local historians, including Mindy Marsden of the Historical Society, Civil War historian Roger Keller, railroad historian Bill Knode and John Nelson and John Bryan of the Jonathan Hager House.

Thank you, also, for helping promote the Museum Ramble, which brought attention and recognition to the more than 35 museums in Washington County. Many of the museums opened their doors especially for this year's Museum Ramble and had special exhibits and surprises.


Visitors came to Washington County because they heard about the Museum Ramble, and museums around the county reported that a lot of residents also participated in the annual event - seeing some of the county's historical treasures on display. The Visitor Welcome Center in Downtown Hagerstown offered free refreshments and during the weekend we spoke to many people who stopped by to find out more about the museums of Washington County.

While Washington County is rich in history and heritage, and blessed with many wonderful museums that are staffed with dedicated and hard-working volunteers - never let it be said that we are poor at saying thank you! Thank you, Herald-Mail newspapers, and thank you museums of Washington County!

Tom Riford

President and CEO

Hagerstown-Washington County

Convention and Visitors Bureau

Hospital gave us great care

To the editor:

On Feb. 11, my husband and I were involved and injured in a three-car accident on I-270 south of Frederick and flown to the Washington County Hospital for treatment.

We found the care at this hospital to be exceptional in every way. The nurses, aides, and doctors were professional and extremely skillful and our every need was promptly addressed.

The doctors and nurses in their state-of-the-art trauma center were excellent.

We can never say enough about the skill and professionalism at the Washington County Hospital, but be assured that we will never forget all they did for us.

Susan Jarkey Reinhardt

Ijamsville, Md.

Thanks so much for your kind help

To the editor:

I would like to thank the caring people who helped me when I fell on May 2 at AC&T near Smithsburg.

It's a joy to know that there are still compassionate people in this world. Your kindness will be remembered always.

May God richly bless you all.

Pat Boden

Clear Spring

Only property owners get a break

To the editor:

Bob Maginnis' column of May 3 was not well-thought-out. The county's revenue comes primarily from 3 sources - income tax, property tax and fees.

The distribution of any "reserves" to a part of just one of those sources - homeowners - is inequitable on its face.

The commissioners decided to ignore all property owners other than homeowners and all who paid income taxes and fees and thereby contributed to the "reserve."

Then there is the cost associated with mailing out rebate checks, the inequity of a flat $150 per property owner (which was mentioned), and the $170 million county debt (which was not mentioned).

Neither did your article mention that three of the commissioners, Greg Snook, James Kercheval and Doris Nipps, have already voted to present to the public a proposal to increase real property taxes (please read the large public notice on page A7 of the April 28 Daily Mail).

The commissioners should have paid down the debt.

Some of the commissioners instead acted in such a way that they gave the appearance of trying to buy votes for their re-election in November.

Now if Maginnis had mentioned all of these points, that would have been a much more comprehensive article than the one that was printed.

It is sad that even the people who read the paper are not kept better informed of the facts.

Daniel Moeller


Right on the money

To the editor:

What a wonderful letter by Sarah Brown from Smithsburg. Every word was 100 percent on the money.

Scott Spielman

Fayetteville, Pa.

(Editor's note: The subject of Sarah Brown's May 13 letter was teen pregnancy.)

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