Inner Voices

May 09, 2006|by HILLARY APPLEBY

"The Good-bye"

Hopelessness fills the air as the world observes in silence.

I sit and stare at these walls that have become my home.

Everything has lost its place, especially my destiny and my fate.

As I look down, all I see is my empty plate.

The streets of this death camp are deserted and bleak.

My body feels nothing but weak.

I cannot comprehend the mentality of the Nazis,

For they have spread dehumanization throughout our world.

At times of the day, I feel as if I'm in a great big whirlwind.

When will this nightmare ever end?


I am determined to keep strength in my friend,

She is all I have left in my life,

And I love her till no end.

I search for answers day after day:

Why do the Nazis treat us this way?

Their answers are simple, so they say.

We Jews are worthless and must be annihilated.

My friend and I are innocent, we swear,

We are not the cause of Germany's despair.

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