My Ride

May 09, 2006|by SARAH JOHNSTON

Name: Will Abeles

Age: 17

School: North Hagerstown High School junior

Type of car: '99 Volkswagen Beetle

Received: Will's Bug was a gift from Lady Luck. "I won it in a raffle, a fundraiser for the YMCA," Will says.

Problems: "Because it's so small, people don't see my car when they're backing up."

Anecdote: Will has witnessed many a game of Punch Buggy in progress. "The other day, I saw one elementary school kid punch another as I drove by."


Word on the street: "My friends think it's a neat car. They always see it zipping around Hagerstown."

Most memorable trip: "I was driving my car to Delaware, with my dad as a passenger. My dad fell asleep and I drove about 30 miles past the exit before he woke up and yelled at me."

Regular destinations: "School, the mall and the movies."

Ultimate car: A yellow school bus, so he could fit all of his friends. "I'd pull out some seats and make it into a party bus."

What's in his CD player: "Actually, I have a cassette adapter. My brother and I love listening to the song 'What is Love?' from the movie 'A Night at the Roxbury.' We always bob our heads to that one." Which is about as much dancing as one can safely manage behind the wheel.

My Ride is an occasional feature that spotlights Tri-State-area teens and their vehicles in Pulse. If you or someone you know has an interesting car - a junker or a dream car - let us know for a chance to be in My Ride. E-mail Chris Copley at

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