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May 09, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

CLEAR SPRING - People think there's something kind of scary about the "metal kids," Out of Hatred drummer Joey Chaney said.

Out of Hatred must have gotten the looks, but the five-piece metal band based in Clear Spring is also getting people to listen to it. They play locally and are putting the finishing touches on their album "Cold and Gray," which will be available at their shows and on their page.

Sure, they sound angry in their songs. They may have piercings, tattoos and strange hair. "But really, it's an expression of teen angst," said Out of Hatred guitarist Cody Hartle.

As for their sound, they described it as "not radio-friendly" and "a lot of screaming and stuff," among other things.

While the band has played in urban venues such as Fletcher's in Baltimore, they're preparing for a perennial Clear Spring show at Joe's Auto Body - Joey's father's auto shop - on Saturday, May 13. They'll be performing with two other metal bands, Defyance and Red Ransom.


About the band

Vocalist: Heath Skrabak, 32, of Hagerstown

Guitarist: Cody Hartle, 20, of Clear Spring

Guitarist: Damon Martin, 21, of Big Pool

Bassist: Greg Shilling, 28, of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

Drummer: Joey Chaney, 21, of Clear Spring

Genre: Metal

Influences: Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, Nile

Upcoming shows: Third annual Joe's Auto Body Fest, Saturday, May 13. Show starts at 7 p.m. Joe's Auto Body, 13126 Draper Road, Clear Spring. All ages event. Free.

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