Lifetime writer publishes fourth book, a sequel

May 07, 2006|By Kristin Wilson

Writing, editing and publishing a book doesn't get easier with age or experience, says Esther Boyce Corderman.

Waiting for each book to appear in print is a bit like waiting for a child to be born, the four-time published author says. There is always much anticipation and a degree of uncertainty.

Corderman's fourth book, "Broken Rhapsody," debuted in February. The book has been a long time in the making. She started it in the 1970s.

The book is actually a sequel to Corderman's first published book, "For a Dream Cometh," but "Broken Rhapsody" stands on its own, says Corderman, who lives near Falling Waters, W.Va.


The book follows the principal character, Deborah Ames, a young woman who just graduated from college and who is torn between following her dreams and abiding by the wishes of her family.

"Broken Rhapsody" is set in the years before World War II "when children - even college seniors - still obeyed their parents," Corderman says. Deborah dreams of playing piano on Carnegie Hall's stage, but her father wants her to become a church organist.

The book most closely fits into the drama genre, although there is a touch of romance, Corderman says. She prefers for her books to be considered "character studies," since her focus is always on her characters, she says.

"I try to get inside the skin of the character," she says. "I try to think what the character would think, what the character would do. It's physically tiring because I'm trying to transport myself into the body and mind of the character."

Corderman has been a writer since she first learned to read and write, she says. "Writing is my passion. To me, it is a magic thing. I always had it in my mind that I was going to be the next John Steinbeck."

Esther Boyce Corderman lives near Falling Waters, W.Va. She is the author of "For a Dream Cometh," "Echo from Rose Hill," and "Out of the Night." Her latest book, "Broken Rhapsody," can be purchased online at ping/index, search for the book title or for the author's name. The book is also available at Books 'N Things in the Long Meadow Shopping Center. Corderman will be signing copies of her book at the Williamsport Memorial Library in Williamsport on Saturday, May 27, from 10 a.m. to noon.

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