Washington County History Day winners names

May 01, 2006

The winners of the first History Day competition involving Washington County Public Schools Advanced Placement U.S. History high school students and merit-level middle-school students recently were announced.

The high school competition was held on March 31 at South Hagerstown High School, and the middle school competition was held April 1 at Hagerstown Community College's Classroom Building. Students worked individually and in groups doing historical investigations, using the theme "Taking a Stand in History: People, Ideas and Events." Works and presentations were judged by local historians, history professors and history teachers.

High school winners

Individual documentaries

"Never Had So Much Been Owed So Many to So Few: Battle of Britain" - Nick Smith, Clear Spring High School

Group documentaries

"To Live is to Die, To Die is to Live: John Brown the Freedom Fighter" - Nikki Hanshaw, Kiana Denlinger, Chris Watkins, T.J. Wallech and Tim Young, Washington County Technical High School


"For What It's Worth: Protest Music in the Anti-Vietnam War Movement" - Jennifer Young, Lindsay Steiner, Katie Branch and Karen Wiltrout, South Hagerstown High School

"Al Capone: Modern Day Robin Hood" - Michael Schubel, Theresa Ruland, Matt Oliver, Scott Mummert and Gio Perez, Williamsport High School


"The Feminine Fantastic Four" - Heather Andrews and Taylor Cole, Washington County Technical High School

Individual exhibit

"The Little Rock Nine" - Tyree Burnett, North Hagerstown High School

Group exhibits

"The Fight for Evolution in Schools: The Monkey Trial" - Allie Snyder, Matt Amalfitano and Mark Dattilio, North Hagerstown High School

"Dalton Trumbo and the Hollywood Ten" - Jessica Sclosser, Paige Harrison and Jarett Logsdon, North Hagerstown High School

"The War Hawks and the War of 1812: A Flawed Foreign Policy" - Emily Myers, Jesse Schultz, Brenna House and Erica Hernandez, Clear Spring High School

"Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment" - Amy Tark and Tara Goff, South Hagerstown High School

"Malcolm X: Militant, Radical or Pacifist" - Tri Ofosu, Jamil Castillo, Kiki Bryant, Kashana Patton and Sarah Miller, South Hagerstown High School

Historical research paper

"The Independence of Turkmenistan" - Madina Alieva, Williamsport High School

Middle school winners

Individual performance

"A Portrayal of Harriet Tubman" - Erin Gaines, Springfield Middle School

Group performance

"Dolly Madison" - Emma Conlon and Hannah Nichols, Smithsburg High School

Individual documentary

"William O. Douglas and the C&O Canal" - Evan Dennis, Smithsburg Middle School

"Reaching the Moon" - David Wilson, Smithsburg Middle School

"A Crusade for Civil Rights: MLK Jr." - Andrew Grove, Western Heights Middle School

"The Crusades" - Abdul Latif, Smithsburg Middle School

Group documentaries

"Askar Shindler" - Devon Little and Brenton Wagaman, Smithsburg Middle School

"Susan B. Anthony" - Lorraine Viar, Olivia Montgomery, Rachel Dealy and Dannielle Gessford, Northern Middle School

"Mother Teresa" - Kelsey Mannix and Madison Nittinger, Boonsboro Middle School

Individual exhibit

"Born a Slave: Remembered as Moses" - Kristin Myers, Hancock Middle/Senior High School

"Hung As Witches" - Tiffany Geist, Hancock Middle/Senior High School

"Mother Teresa: Humanitarian" - Melody Kight, E. Russell Hicks Middle School

Group exhibit

"Clara Barton" - Nora Crossin, Heather Johnson and Kayla Walsh, Boonsboro Middle School

"Ruby Bridges" - Vanessa Abrahams and Madison Brooks, Northern Middle School

"Doolittle Raiders" - Zach Gilbert, Patrick Creighton, Max Robinson, Andrew Barnhart and D.J. Jobe, Northern Middle School

Historic paper

"Amelia Earhart: A Woman with Wings" - Erin Artz, Springfield Middle School

"Rosa Parks" - Allison Atkins, Boonsboro Middle School

Special prizes were awarded by the Washington County Historical Society to Evan Dennis of Smithsburg Middle School for his William Douglas and C&O Canal presentations, and to Nikki Hanshaw, Kiana Denlinger, Chris Watkins, T.J. Wallech and Tim Young of Washington County Technical High School for their John Brown presentation.

Hagerstown Community College Scholar Prizes were awarded to Erin Artz of Springfield Middle School for her Amelia Earhart presentation, and to Emily Myers, Jesse Schultz, Brenna House and Erica Hernandez of Clear Spring High School for their presentation of the War Hawks of 1812.

The State of Maryland History Day Competition was scheduled for April 22 in Montgomery County.

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