4-H salutes scholarship winners, volunteers

April 25, 2006|by JEFF SEMLER

Sparkling trophies, plaques and certificates filled the tables at the Washington County Ag Center on Saturday, April 8, for the 2006 4-H Recognition Program.

4-H members, parents and volunteers shared a buffet-style dinner to kick off the festivities, followed by the presentation of awards, honors and scholarships for the 2005 4-H year.

4-H youth served as emcees for the award ceremonies. Ranging in age from 12-17, this delightful group of emcees included Brenna, Hannah and Rachel House; Mandi Lee; Emily, Sam and Gavin Myers; and Hannah Smith. Garrett Hamby and Kasey Green, 4-H photography project members, served as the official photographers for the evening.

Awards were presented by Rachel Martin, 2005 Ag Expo Queen; Amanda Ward, 2005 Ag Expo Princess; and me.

Joe Frey of Hagerstown was presented with the prestigious 4-H Hall of Fame Award, for his long-time commitment to 4-H as a volunteer.


"Honorary 4-H Club Member" was presented to Lori Young, a volunteer who has given outstanding leadership to 4-H, even though she was not a 4-H member as a youth.

"4-H Family of the Year" was presented to the Forsythe family - Mike, Christine, Tracey and Brian, of Hagerstown. Mike and Chris serve as leaders of the 4-H Dairy Club; Brian is now a 4-H volunteer after completing his years as a 4-H member; and Tracey continues to excel as a 4-H member.

Donna Schmidt of Hagerstown was recognized for 20 years of outstanding service to 4-H with the Award of the Diamond Clover.

Recognition of 10 years of service went to volunteers Francis Allnutt, William Calimer, Norris Diefenderfer, Christine Forsythe, Ralph Hamby, Faye Hose, Charles Hose Jr., Joyce Jones, Paula Smith, and Angela Koontz, all receiving the Award of the Gold Clover.

The Award of the Silver Clover for five years of service was presented to Stacey Bishop, Carol Britt, Melody Canfield, Joanne Cowden, Katherine Ecker, Samuel Ecker, Mark Forsythe, Jane Frey, Charles Frey Jr., Melody Geary, Paula Green-Shupp, Denise Hamby, Sue Hull, Brenda Leggett, Diana Rhoton, Steve Rhoton, Steven Rinker, Gina Sharpe, Bette Jo Shifler, Ronald Shifler, Dawn Smith, Brian Snyder, Donald Wallizer and Donna Wallizer.

In recognition of three years of service the following volunteers received the Award of the Silver Clover: Stacy Crawford, Sarah Berger, Helen Burkett, Kimberly Caruso, Melanie Cosgrove, Michael Creek, Matthew DeBaugh, Tammy DeBaugh, Tamara Frey, Gina Goren, Linda Higgins, Mary Howard, Melody Jacques, Hannah Leatherman, Michael Leatherman, Brooks Long, Rebecca Martin, Karla Moore, Sheri Morales, Tammy Reid, Shirley Rhodes, Jeff Simmers, Bethany Smith, Karen Sornson, Rhonda Uzelac, Kay Shoop, Diana Wilson, and Tammy Wood.

The Award of the Green Clover went to first-year volunteers Michele Angle, Sarah Brown, Nikki Canfield, Pamela Cook, Brian Forsythe, Martha Grahl, Paul Heavner, Teri Heavner, Valhalla Heverley, Sandra Hose, Terri Knotts, David McCormick, Susan Miner, and Marsha Osborn.

A standing ovation followed the recognition of all the volunteers for the many contributions they have made and continue to make to the 4-H program.

Individual club members were recognized for their 2005 project work, and 4-H club leaders received Seals of Achievement based on overall club efforts in 2005.

Presentation of 4-H Scholarships is always a highlight of the awards ceremony.

This year, eight scholarships were awarded to 4-H members.

The winner of the Mildred A. Schmid Memorial Scholarship is Hannah Smith.

Denton Leggett and Hannah Smith won Washington County 4-H Dairy Scholarships.

The Washington County 4-H Market Animal Sale Scholarships were presented to Denton Leggett and Jamie Beckley.

Corey Hamby was presented with the Washington County Homemakers Scholarship.

Washington County 4-H Horse Council Scholarships were presented to Hannah Smith and Sabrina Heron.

Members of the 2005 4-H Dairy Judging Team - Carol DeBaugh, Scott DeBaugh, Tracey Forsythe, Hannah Smith, Macayla Wiles and Tessa Wiles - received Certificates of Merit.

The 2005 Livestock Judging Award went to Erin Canfield.

Certificates of Achievement were presented to 4-H Ambassadors; Junior Fair Board members; and Teen Leaders with Farm Fun Day Camp and 4-H Resident Camp.

Trophies were presented to the 2005 Ag Expo Fitting and Showing Award winners; to the 2005 Harlan Biggs Award winner, Timothy Martin; and to the 2006 Harlan Biggs Award winner, Jamie Beckley.

The 2005 Ag Expo Home Arts Grand Champions were presented with plaques.

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