Coaching Profile

April 22, 2006

Karl Reisner

School: Mercersburg Academy

Sport: Baseball

Years as head coach: 15

Other sports coached: Wrestling, football. "Baseball's always been my first love."

Sports played in high school (The Hill School): Football, baseball, wrestling

Sports played in college (Univ. of Pennsylvania): Football, baseball

How did you get involved in coaching? "When I decided to be a teacher, that was a big reason for it, was I wanted to coach. In big boarding schools, almost everyone coaches. It's something I really love doing. I've coached little league in summers."

What's the most challenging aspect of coaching? "Keeping everybody happy and keeping the personalities together. That's the biggest thing, managing personalities and egos."


What's the most rewarding aspect of coaching? "Watching kids improve and building a team concept. Watching somebody succeed who's been struggling. There's nothing better than seeing a kid stick with it and get rewarded for his diligence."

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