My Ride

April 18, 2006|by SARAH JOHNSTON

Name: Cory Sellgren

Age: 18

School: senior at St. Maria Goretti High School in Hagerstown

Type of car: '01 Honda Accord

Received: Cory's father gave him the car in his sophomore year.

Why he got it: "One of my dad's clients was selling his car," Cory says. "My dad was more than happy to buy it so that I wouldn't have to keep borrowing his car."

Problems:"Sometimes the maintenance light goes on when nothing is wrong with the car. And the windshield fluid doesn't spray out, it dribbles out in globs."


Anecdote: Oftentimes, passengers riding in Cory's car pick up on a quirky habit: When it is too late to brake for a yellow light, Cory kisses the palm of his hand and holds it against the interior roof until his car has passed safely through the intersection. Cory acquired this superstitious ritual from his older sister, Annika, when he was a passenger in her car.

Most memorable trip: A horror movie buff, Cory's most memorable trip was to the 2005 Horrorfind Weekend Convention in Baltimore.

Regular destinations: "School, the mall and the movies."

What's in his CD player: "OK Go's new album, 'Oh No.'"

My Ride is an occasional feature that spotlights Tri-State-area teens and their vehicles in Pulse.

If you or someone you know has an interesting car - a junker or a dream car - let us know about it for a chance to be in My Ride. E-mail Chris Copley at with the name and phone number of the car owner.

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