Super trouble for superheroes

April 18, 2006|by BRAD SMITH

I am a comic book guy and these are two good ones I've read recently.

The New Avengers: Illuminati No. 1

The Marvel universe is on the brink of a civil war. Heroes fighting against heroes. Friends torn apart.

This is what sets up the story to The New Avengers: Illuminati.

The title of this comic is slightly confusing because there is already a new Avengers series out and they're up to No. 17. I thought that there was a very unique art style to this series. The story is about a half-dozen Marvel heroes meeting up to talk about a new law being passed by the U.S. Congress requiring superheroes to register. Soon a fight breaks out between Namor and Iron Man.

This comic helps set the premises to the upcoming civil war series that I know I will be following.

I give "The New Avengers: Illuminati" 8 of 10 heroes fighting against each other.


All Star Superman No. 3

This month's installment of All Star Superman we find Superman on a date with Lois Lane for her birthday.

In a previous issue, Superman found out that he could die, so he's trying to live life to the fullest. He has found a way to give Lois a drink that will temporarily give her powers like his to make for one fantastic birthday present.

While on their date, Lois is taken hostage by an evil entity from the past. The only way Superman can get her back is to answer a riddle which I thought was kinda lame.

I am really liking the artwork in this series and the writing is fantastic. This is definitely the best Superman story I've ever read and is a comic for the ages.

I give it 9 heat vision beams out of 10.

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