Easter spent with family

April 17, 2006|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM


After church, the egg hunts and the meals, many area residents took advantage of the warm weather Sunday and spent Easter outside with their families.

Larry Perkins, 27, of Hagerstown, went to church in the morning with his family. After the service, he and his wife, Jody Perkins, visited her grandmother's grave site.

"It's a special time for the family," he said.

Later in the day, the couple took their children, Brady Colliflower, 8, and Kyrstin Colliflower, 10, to City Park in Hagerstown.


"I don't like being in the house all day," Larry Perkins said. "We always have a good time."

Donna Dockweiler, 57, of Waynesboro, Pa., went to the park Sunday with two of her daughters and two of her grandchildren.

"It's so nice out," said Opal Dockweiler, 24.

Donna Dockweiler said she cooked a large meal earlier that afternoon, including ham, green beans, asparagus, potatoes, bread and pie. She cooks for her family of about 10 every year, she said.

After the meal, she, Opal Dockweiler, Tiffany Dockweiler, 25, Levi Reaver, 4, and Corey DeWalt, 14, went to the park.

"We brought the kids here so they could play," Opal Dockweiler said. "They love it over here."

Donna Dockweiler said she went to church Saturday, where there were activities for the children. On Thursday, she went to church to have her feet washed, she said.

"It symbolizes Jesus washing the disciples' feet, and you wash someone else's, too," she said.

Kenya Drinks, 35, of Hagerstown, said she is a single mother and took time Sunday to spend time with her four daughters: Adriana Roberts, 11, Kashae Amis, 8, Nadia Amis, 7, and Demya Amis, 4.

"We're just sort of relaxing today," Drinks said.

Nadia went to church Sunday morning with her grandmother, as she does every Sunday. Before that, the girls painted Easter eggs. They were planning to have an egg hunt later in the day.

"I'm enjoying my day with my girls," Drinks said.

Roger Hatcher, 52, of Hagerstown, said he spent Easter with his daughters Amanda Dickinson, 20, of Hagerstown, and Victoria Hatcher, 16, of Clear Spring.

He and Victoria went to lunch and met Dickinson at City Park later in the day.

Dickinson said she spent part of her day with her boyfriend and his two children, as they opened their Easter baskets filled with candy.

"They ate it all so quick," she said.

The girls were planning to have dinner later with their mother.

Roger Hatcher said he went to a church service Saturday night to celebrate Easter.

"Thank God for the beautiful day and the chance to spend time with my daughters," he said.

Karen Davis, 37, and her fianc Clarence James, 43, both of Hagerstown, spent their day having a meal with family, they said.

"And we're still eating," James said.

They were at City Park eating ice cream and enjoying the nice weather.

"We came to the park to walk around," Davis said. "It's a nice day."

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