Kids scramble for eggs

Three groups join forces to expand event

Three groups join forces to expand event

April 16, 2006|By MARIE GILBERT


They came with baskets, buckets and bags, all with the same goal ? to fill them to the brim with decorated eggs. Some had a plan, while others needed a little help from their parents.

But with 1,800 eggs ready to be scooped up, everyone had a chance to go home happy.

Hundreds of children scoured the grounds of Byron Memorial Park on Saturday morning as part of an annual community egg hunt.

The event was sponsored by the Town of Williamsport, the Williamsport Fire Co. and Williamsport Ambulance Service.

According to Williamsport Mayor James McCleaf, the egg hunt has become a town tradition.

"But in previous years, the event was sponsored by the fire company and was held on fire company grounds," McCleaf said. "This year, to accommodate more children, we decided to do a three-way partnership and bring the egg hunt to Byron Memorial Park."


The idea appeared to be a success as a large crowd began arriving an hour prior to the 10 a.m. start.

"We're expecting about 400 kids to show up," said Brandy Osborne, who serves on the fundraising committee for the Williamsport Fire Co. "A lot of people are coming here for the egg hunt and then heading to opening day for Little League, so we tried to time the event so families could do both."

Osborne said the event has received a great deal of support from the community, including donations from the Williamsport Little League and Leiters' Fine Catering, which colored and donated eggs for the hunt.

Children from toddlers to age 12 were invited to participate in the egg hunt, with sections of the park designated for each age group.

The youngest participants were given plastic eggs with candy inside, Osborne said.

In addition to the egg hunt, activities also included an egg toss and egg roll.

A raffle also was held with a $50 winner from each age group.

Heather Small, 5, of Williamsport, stood in line prior to the egg hunt to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny.

"She was a little nervous at first," said her mother, Janet Small. "But now she's all smiles. She's been so excited about today's egg hunt. I'm glad we have something like this to enjoy every year. It really is a lot of fun."

Bobsy Price of Williamsport agreed.

"It's such a special day for all the kids," she said. "I love being a part of it."

Price has served as the official Easter Bunny for the egg hunt since 1984.

"My husband used to be the fire chief for the local fire company," she said. "The first year we held the egg hunt, he dressed up as the Easter Bunny. But the following year, he handed the job over to me."

More than 20 years later, Price said she never tires of meeting and posing for pictures with the children who attend the event.

"It's something I really enjoy," she said. "And I think the kids enjoy it, too. Plus, I think I'm a pretty friendly rabbit."

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