Maryland taxpayers get more time to file

A state holiday in Massachusetts means that residents here have until April 18 to mail their federal returns.

A state holiday in Massachusetts means that residents here have until April 18 to mail their federal returns.

April 16, 2006|By Tiffany Arnold


Maryland taxpayers have until Tuesday to file their income tax returns, thanks to a legal holiday in Massachusetts.

Because the traditional April 15 deadline falls on Saturday this year, the deadline normally would have been extended until Monday, April 17, state tax officials said.

But Maryland taxpayers mail their federal returns to an IRS office in Massachusetts, where April 17 is Patriots Day, a state holiday.

By law, if a tax deadline falls on a legal holiday, taxpayers have until the next business day to file; hence, the April 17 deadline for those filing returns to Massachusetts was bumped to April 18.


For the sake of simplicity, state officials will allow Marylanders to mail their state returns up to April 18, as well.

The other regions mailing returns to the Massachusetts office - New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and those living in Washington D.C. - also have an extended deadline.

Residents in Pennsylvania and West Virginia do not get an extension and must file by April 17.

Patriots Day is celebrated on the third Monday of April and commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 - the scene of Paul Revere's famous midnight ride.

This year, anyone can take advantage of new deadline extension rules.

In the past, people could request a four-month extension. If that wasn't enough time, they then would have to ask for an additional two-month extension.

Now, anyone requesting an extension automatically gets six more months to file.

In Washington County, U.S. Postal Service officials are bracing for a rush of last-minute filers.

The Hagerstown offices will be the only Washington County locations with extended hours Tuesday, Hagerstown Postmaster Richard Sheffield said.

The post office will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sheffield said.

On Tuesday, Hagerstown postal workers will be stationed outside the buildings collecting returns that are stamped and ready to go.

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