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Letters the the editor

April 15, 2006

Bush was determined to go to war from the start

To the editor:

Just how numb are we? Or is it a matter of being blinded by partisanship, or by fear of appearing unpatriotic?

Exposure of the Downing Street memos in May of 2005 revealed that as of the summer of 2002, Bush was determined to invade Iraq, and that "intelligence and facts were being fixed" for the purposes of justification.

Now we have the New York Times on March 27, revealing that on Jan. 31, 2003, in a meeting with Tony Blair in the Oval Office, George Bush acknowledged the absence of evidence of WMDs in Iraq, and raised three possible ways of precipitating the desired war, including "flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in U.N. colors."


In any case, March 10, 2003, was already "penciled in" as the date "bombing would begin."

This is about an American president casually contemplating staging an incident for the purpose of fooling the world into accepting an illegal and immoral war.

This is about crimes against humanity. This is about inviting more fraud and more war and global conflagration, unless the American people react decisively.

Barry J.C. Kissin


(Editor's note: The author is a candidate for the 6th District Congressional seat.)

United Way campaign thanks our community

To the editor:

The 2005 United Way Campaign Committee would like to publicly thank everyone who made this year's campaign successful. In reaching $1.649 million, the community exceeded last year's total by $19,000. We consider this a tremendous victory, given the various complexities this year, including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Increasing the campaign each year is critical because the needs continue to rise in our community. United Way's campaign represents a significant portion of many of our partner agencies' budgets, reaching up to 45 percent. So, United Way dollars are essential in improving lives.

The media coverage of the campaign finale gave the community the opportunity to learn of the outstanding achievements of some of the companies and individuals who made significant strides with their workplace giving campaigns. We want to emphasize that for every one of the publicly-recognized companies, there were dozens of other campaign coordinators, owners and employees who worked diligently to secure the funds that are necessary to make a positive impact in our community!

We thank everyone who gave of their time, talent, and treasure to make the campaign a success. More than 50,000 lives are improved in Washington County each year as a result of your contributions to the United Way campaign.

In closing, the committee again wants to thank everyone who helped in what is truly a community effort. Campaign coordinators, business owners and corporate CEOs, United Way volunteers, partner agencies, United Way staff and most of all - donors at all levels. You, as a community, allow United Way to truly invest in what matters!

The Campaign Committee

Gary Wright and Mike Zampelli, Co-Chairs

John Roney

Cynthia Perini

Tom Newcomer

Jack Castle

John Barr


Something's wrong with Pangborn duck situation

To the editor:

I live have lived above Pangborn Park for almost 20 years. I have enjoyed the ducks there all that time.

In the past two weeks, four of the mallard ducks have been killed. Each duck was killed on the same side of the road - and either hit by a car driving terribly fast - or killed on purpose.

The first three had bodies so mangled by the impact that it was a horror to see. The fourth duck was a female. I was driving that way a few mornings ago, and saw her lying on the side of the road. So I stopped my car, and went back to remove her and place her in the bushes. She was hit so hard that one leg was lying up the hill.

This really shocked me. And I also noticed her eyes were closed, which is unusual for an animal hit by a vehicle. I thought about it, and finally just decided it was just an unusual hit - until this morning. I have a small wildlife habitat in my back yard that a few of the ducks visit on a regular basis, and have done so for five years now. A male duck flew into my yard to eat and drink from my little pond and I saw that his leg was out of the socket. It was this sight that made me think again about the female duck. Is it possible that someone sick out there is being cruel and killing these ducks?

In all of the years I have lived here, I truthfully can say it was unusual to see a duck killed at Pang-born Park - and now, four ducks in two weeks. And another with a leg out of socket. He can still fly, but it is awful to see him struggle to walk.

It is sad to know that the ducks have lost their nesting site to a housing development. But it is much more terrifying to think that they are either being hit by people speeding on the road that goes through the park, or that they are being killed by an individual with a twisted mind.

Linda Caricofe


Minstrel show was a success

To the editor:

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