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April 13, 2006|by ANNE WEATHERHOLT

Spring flirting with Hancock

Spring is flirting with Hancock, making advances, then retreating shyly to the south, leaving the door open with cold north winds rushing through.

Having released enough warmth to bring the signs of flower buds and the return of the robins, spring has danced away for a few bars, showing only her heels and swaying breezes.

This week, she danced closer again, raising the temperature of the still awakening earth, newly moistened by the cold rains of the previous week. The strong palette of tulips is bursting along hillsides and garden beds, and the first green glaze of newly-born leaves is softening the morning and evening light along the river banks.


It is now inevitable, the click of the spinning wheel of the seasons has now engaged fully. No turning back, only forward into the next spiral of creation and decay, of growth upon last year's death, of pressing buds and bursting blossoms that owe their glory to the leaf mold at their feet.

From death comes new life, born in the dark and cold of winter, the mystery of nature imprinted on the creation for all to see - and wonder!

Cross Walk set for Good Friday

The Greater Hancock Council of Churches is once again sponsoring the Cross Walk this Friday, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Local residents are invited to gather in Widmeyer Park and walk east with the group through the downtown, stopping to pray at various locations.

The walk, which is in commemoration of the Christian day, Good Friday, is meant to support and bless the work of the community. The walk will end just before noon on Church Hill at St. Thomas' Episcopal and St. Peter's Catholic churches. A noon Good Friday service follows at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church, to which all are invited.

Little League 0pening Day held

Hancock Little League held its opening day last Saturday, April 8, at Gerber Baseball Field. Ceremonies began at 10 a.m. with players, coaches, parents and officials present. At 11 a.m., the Major League Pirates played the Red Sox, followed by the Tigers and Nationals. At 3 p.m. the Minor League Orioles played the Pirates and T-Ball took the field at 5 p.m. to complete a full day of America's favorite pastime!

Fastbreak Club helping school

Hancock now has a Fastbreak Club. What is this? you might ask. The "Fastbreak Club" is an organization designed to help raise funds for athletic equipment and support the basketball team.

Hancock High School has an Athletic Boosters Club, but certain projects are beyond the scope of that organization. The Fastbreak Club joins the Three Point Club, which supports the women's team, and the Home Plate Club which supports the softball team.

Besides raising money, the Fastbreak Club is hoping to sponsor middle and elementary school programs that will serve as "feeder" programs for the jayvee and varsity teams.

The first fundraiser will be a dance on Saturday, April 22, from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at the American Legion. Tickets may be purchased by calling 301-478-2667 or 301-678-6035. You must be 21 in order to attend. The club will have refreshments and door prizes. Coaches Ron Hose, Corey Alkire, Steve Frame and Jeff Spielman invite you to attend!

Dr. Thomas closing medical practice

I have heard that Dr. Frank B. Thomas will be closing his medical practice at the end of June. Every morning when I took my sons to school (before they were old enough to drive), I would see Frank walking the short distance between his home and the office, down Blue Hill.

Dr. Thomas is a Hancock fixture for generations of Hancock citizens, always on hand to treat their illnesses and answer their emergencies. I will have more about this outstanding local professional in the weeks to come.

Easter services

And finally, as Easter weekend approaches, all the Hancock area churches have planned worship services and other special observances to celebrate Christianity's most important day. Check ads and notices in this newspaper or call the church of your choice to learn of times. It's a glorious celebration of new life which you won't want to miss! Happy Easter to all!

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